Chris Stone

Based on his cupid face alone, Hollywood would probably cast Chris Stone as Matt Damon's gay nephew or as a sensitive 12-year-old piano prodigy in an episode of Glee.  But guess what?  He's not 12.  He's 22.  And he's not a piano prodigy either.  He's a pro wrestler with Live Pro Wrestling (UK) ... as "Ironman" Chris Stone ... and a tough heel too.  And guess what else?  He is in fact gay, though no relation to Matt.  Now whether it's because he's gay or because he's a dastardly wicked lad or because, to judge by his online status reports, he's a hard partyer and heavy drinker who doesn't get enough sleep at night*, I don't know, but he does tend to get his ass handed to him on a regular basis.  (*I'm not judging him.  Far from it.  He's living exactly the life I wish I had led at age 22.)

I could stand to watch Stone get his ass handed to him twice a day now for the rest of my life--especially if, say, Zack Sabre Jr were to do the honors.  But if Hollywood producers ever do discover Stone, I'd recommend that they cast him as the Artful Dodger in an all-rasslin remake of Oliver Twist (a concept  long overdue) or, with some freckles and ginger hair, as Butch in a revival of the old Our Gang shorts, particularly if they remake 1938's "Came the Brawn," in which Butch wrestles Alfalfa underneath a makeshift ring.

Cheers, mate.  Have at it.


  1. The all-rasslin' remake of "Oliver Twist?" Joe, you are a genius! This one had me laughing for 5 minutes.


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