Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Perhaps no wrestler relies on the classic contrapposto stance as much (or effects it so well) as Ashton Vuitton.  As seen above, the 20-year-old Chicago grappler stands with his weight on his right foot, turning his arms and shoulders off axis from his hips and legs.  If it looks vaguely familiar, it's pretty much the same pose assumed by Michelangelo's David and every cast member of every production of A Chorus Line.  Vuitton's grace in the ring owes something to his background in gymnastics.  Even when not standing so as to "offhandedly" display his long body to its best advantage, his movements in the ring, whether in victory or in defeat, are acrobatic and vigorously balletic, as evident in the following shots.


  1. Great shots of a hot wrestler. Which fed were these taken from?

  2. Thanks. ICW hosted both Vuitton vs the masked xOMGx (March 26) and Vuitton vs Austin Aries (April 22), Vuitton vs goth-blond Jason Gory is Ohio Hatchet Wrestling (July 17).

  3. Thanks Joe! Glad you're back from vacation. My mornings at work were bereft without my daily trip to Skull Island :-)

  4. Ashton appears to have added a little bit of mass to his upper body, very noticeably on his pecs and biceps, and he is looking terrific in these new pics. He definitely seems to have the poise, attitude and charisma to hold the fans' attention, and I hope that as he continues to improve his ring skills, we'll have a chance to see him in bigger and better venues.



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