All I know about The Jersey Kid is he's a greasy longhair with an attitude that can melt chrome.  He seems to live on the border of hero and heel, a very nice neighborhood if you're a hot young stud with smoldering good looks.  He's 20 and 5'11", with thighs like Christmas hams.  He wrestles with a number of small organizations on the East Coast, including Eastern All-Star Wrestling in my adoptive home state of North Carolina, where he beat Frank Savage to win the heavyweight championship just this past March.  I predict big things for The Jersey Kid.  Big things.


  1. Amazing how bewteen his first and second pics above he goes from a truly baby-faced kid to a guy who looks very mature, almost 40-looking. Must be what makes him so menacing in the ring--tougher than he initially looks. And yeah, we noted the Christmas hams. I always loved Christmas. LOL.



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