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Who here remembers Al Perez, b. 1960, 6'1", 238#?  He wrestled the Von Erichs back in the eighties.  Perez represented the debauched lifestyle of excess and sexual liberation, and the Von Erichs, as usual, represented the forces of light and righteousness (though they were hot as hell).  I was cyberfighting with a friend earlier this evening, and he recommended that we team up on a ring-wrestling story next week, pitting Perez against Rhett Titus, for the wrestling playboy title.  If anybody ever wants to shoot a biopic of the man, I recommend they sign up Tyler Black, who bears a close enough resemblance, for the role.  But who could they find to play Kevin Von Erich?


  1. I had a HUGE crush on Al Perez. Incredibly beautiful man who told a great story. I'd buy a ticket to see that biopic.

  2. Always thought he was a hot looking guy, especially when he was getting worked over. Always wondered if he would have looked even hotter with hairy pecs and letting his pit hair grow in. If i remember he shaved his pits.

  3. OMG, I was going to post a feature on Al Perez and how Tyler Black kinda looks like him, too. :-) Have you seen what Perez looked like after he retired? Unlike other wrestlers who didn't age gracefully or who put on tons of weight, Perez still looked amazingly hot!


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