All American (Review of Travis vs Cody)

How does this grab you?  Blond in white versus brunet in black.  Both fitness-model perfection, and both know their way around a wrestling match.  The setup is nothing new--two muscled hunks move from posedown to set-to and then from set-to to beating.  It's a classic formula, but it works, it probably always will work, and these two pull it off like a couple of pros.

Rock Hard Wrestling's latest output pits blond newcomer Travis Storm, 5'11", 170#, against RHW veteran Cody Nelson, 6'0", 175#.   As the new meat, Storm does not disappoint.  All smiles at first, till Nelson takes it to mind to wipe those smiles off his face.  That goal accomplished, Nelson finds in Storm an adversary who's hard to intimidate and hard to keep down, despite a first round that Nelson, in his third singles match at Rock Hard, rules.

The three-round bout lets the men dominate and suffer in turn, which they manage with equivalent energy and showmanship.  There's no mistaking this for a real fight, of course, but Storm and Nelson run down the checklist of takedown moves and punishing holds without missing a beat, and Rock Hard's hi-def camera captures the twitch of every muscle.

I have to admit that such physical perfection can be a bit of a handicap in my appreciation of a fight.  Tough is usually sexy enough for me all by itself.  Photogenicity is great, of course, but it seldom pairs up with the kind of heart, drive, and meanness that make my nuts start ticking like Mexican jumping beans.   No, I'm never convinced that there's any risk that either Storm or Nelson will pop out any eyeballs or bust any lips--they only barely break into a sweat--but the nearly flawless bodies' rubbing up against each other and the weight of muscle on muscle tickle my small hairs and stir up all the dirty thoughts I need to feel I've been properly entertained for the evening.  And, to be fair, Storm and Nelson are plenty aggressive and plenty tenacious.

Travis Storm is an excellent find.  He's less Greek god than high-school quarterback lightly dusted with good-ole-boy high spirits.  He jumps into the fight for the sport of it and the sheer joy of movement.  Clearly he enjoys putting his muscles to the test, not just primping them up for us to worship at a distance.  As things heat up, he sets his mind to knocking Nelson down a peg or two, and this, too, he seems to take joy in, finding satisfaction in cranking up the hurt on his haughty rival.  I can't help but like a guy who loves his body like this, loves what it can do, and, in particular, loves testing its limits on another well-turned body.

(Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I should say that Rock Hard Wrestling let me look at this match for free.  This is not the first time I've received gifts here.  I think I would have liked Travis and Cody just as much at the listed download price of $14.95, but gifts do compromise one's objectivity, but, then, so do a lot of things ... beauty, for instance, and kind words, and music.  Frankly, for me, just the fact that there's wrestling in it inclines me to tip the scales in its favor.  And, to be absolutely frank, I won't deny that, had Travis Storm and Cody Nelson appeared on my doorstep last night in tight squarecuts, offering to include me in a three-way no-holds-barred match, the review would probably have been more enthusiastic.  Anyway, lest you think my vote's been bought, I should point out that I could just as easily have not mentioned the fight at all and that RHW never even hinted that a largely positive review would adequately repay the cost of the download.  So there.  And any one of you is just as welcome to send me free wrestling videos, featuring yourself and/or fitness models.  Anytime.)


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