Tough Love

These shots from BG East's just released Gazebo Grapplers 11 (Catalog 84) remind me what I love about love.  I love it tough.  Never in my life as a sexual adult have I liked loving that was all snuggles and coos, pet names and private, flirtatious winks.  You may tell me I'm missing out on something wonderful, but I just don't feel it for the warm and fuzzy.  I'll take the hot and sweaty.  Since my first sexual experience with a man at age eighteen, a motel-room wrestling match fueled by too much contraband liquor and too few inhibitions, I have been solidly in the camp of those who think love should be hard.

Oddly enough--"odd," that is, in retrospect--I never fully entered into the S&M scene, not the whole gamut of dungeon shackles, leather harnesses, and groveling love slaves.  Who knows?  I might have liked it.  Except for some dilettantish turns on the stage, I have never been one for role playing, though.  Props and costumes look like unwanted insulation between me and the man I want to wrangle down to grunting submission.  What I like is pretty much what we see here:  two men, in minimal garb, releasing a little pent-up tension on each other, just to the point that one of them incontestably dominates the other, and the whole battle resolves itself with a little frottage and heavy petting, right before the two finally shoot it out.

I have long thought Patrick Donovan is a reasonably attractive wrestler, but his GG11 fight with Steven Thomas gives me a fresh appreciation for the guy.  The guy's steely, and I like that.  He grinds his molars as he glares into Steven's eyes, mentally computing just how many seconds it's going to take him to slap this guy to the mat and stretch him out, chest on chest, belly on belly, thighs pinching in on thighs.  For his part, Thomas isn't cowed.  I like that, too.  He meets Donovan's stare and dares to push back.  Here's a guy who won't back down.  Neither man is afraid to muss up his hairstyle.  Both can take their knocks, so long as the other dude has a finisher that makes it worth all the trouble.


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