David Calbrese

I must be warming up to the idea of one-sided matches lately, for nothing at No Rules Wrestling (besides Flash's return this month after a six-month absence) cheers me as much as scruffy newcomer David Calbrese's mobbing up the mat with preppy-types Matt Meadlock and Kyle Braddock.  Not to say these matches would qualify as squash jobs, since Meadlock and Braddock double-teamed on Calbrese and knocked him out cold in their last meet-up.  So, if anything, Calbrese's measured dusting off of the pair in subsequent matches has been only well-deserved payback.  If somebody gets beat up, I like it better if he's got it coming to him.

The same can't be said for NRW's initiation of the new recruit, maliciously pitting him against a much bigger wrestler, The Animal, 6'4", 250#, whom Calbrese, 5'9", 163#, still managed to slam hard to the mat before Meadlock and Braddock jumped him from behind.  Calbrese is a roughneck-next-door I look forward to seeing more of.  I like the clean-cut kids too, but every promotion has got them now, and I'm happy to see a muscular, agile guy like Calbrese with a nose that doesn't look like it belongs on a Ken doll and hair that doesn't look like it's spoiled with loads of $10-an-ounce product.  Then, too, there's that package straining against his tight white briefs, which signifies the call of the wild in the man.  Aesthetics aside, Calbrese seems like he can handle himself in a fight, and that's the most important thing in my world.


  1. I couldn't agree more! Was waiting for someone to talk about Calbrese. Have you seen the photo on the NRW page? His junk in the white briefs looks fantastic!


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