Just a few loosely related points I'd like to make, here on a quiet Sunday afternoon, vis-a-vis Krushco's latest release, #61, pitting Krush again against Al, last seen in #59.

One.  Nobody but nobody will ever make Krush his bitch on the mats.  The fans would tear the place apart at the very idea.  More importantly, Krush would not permit such an event to happen.  This point is practically theological.  Krush may be defeated in the short term but never in the long term.  And, most importantly, as it invalidates the whole issue as well as any possible position one might take on the issue, Krush's matches are, almost by definition, about the processes of male-male competition without playing heavily into short-sighted concepts of dominance, victory, and bitch-making.  Typically in a Krushco video, two guys grapple, sometimes one wrings a concession out of the other, sometimes the majority of the pinfalls go to one fighter as opposed to the other, but then nothing much is ever really made of the fact.  Without having achieved perfection--as none of us have--Krush has come closest to achieving "ego-less wrestling."

Two.  If somebody were ever to make Krush his bitch on the mats, it would be Al.  I say this because, unlike some of Krush's opponents, all of them tough as nails (Krush would not allow it to be any other way--because in ego-less wrestling there is no such thing as a squash job), Al is close to Krush's size, weight, and bone structure.  I say this because Al is as patient yet tenacious as Krush, though he perhaps lacks Krush's experience in and devotion to the science of grappling.  I say this because, to be honest, of all Krush's opponents over the years, Al is the only one whom I wouldn't mind being made a bitch on the mats by.  I say this because, in short, I am attracted to Al, who looks vaguely from certain angles like Troy Garity and, yes, I have a kind of thing for Troy Garity.  I think I am not alone here because Al's return in #61 is heralded in the subscribers' mailings with the words "back by popular demand."  And let's face it, in our circles "popular demand" is just code for "bossy bottoms wanting to be put in their places by this guy."

Three.  The tranquil, zenlike quality of Krushco's matches--devoid of drama, exaggeration, sex, and malice, and passionless as biology experiments--is a sort of utopian view of athletics and male homo-sociability.  I'm not saying they aren't sexy.  They are.  I'm not saying they aren't rough.  They are.  But among the other fodder my kinks feed on on this blog, Krushco is the one least likely to use the words "high stakes," "muscle hunk," "sex fantasy," or  "x fight."  If Buddha, Jesus, Bayazid Bastami, Gurdjieff, and Mister Rogers were alive today and if they wrestled, Krushco would be where we would go to watch them grapple.  And, of all the guys Krushco has ever wrestled--who (and I fully realize I am laying it on thick here) have appeared to me either  as disciples at Krush's feet or as satanic figures whose goal is to tempt Krush from the way of enlightenment--Al comes closest to both (like Krush) having the equanimity to fit into this beatific setting without disrupting it and yet being hot (fleshly hot) enough to maintain a following among short-sighted, superficial, and philosophically materialistic devotees like me.


  1. you took the words out of my mouth, Krush has this way of looking completely calm and in control when he wrestles and it is amazing to watch. Al is hot but Krush is my number one dream wrestler.

  2. I too am a hopeless fan of Krush and always will be, he puts out the best wrestling anywhere, he really KICKS IT OUT.

  3. Thanks for this thoughtful and perceptive essay. I am a huge fan of Krush, and I also find myself very much turned on by Al. Regarding your observations about Krush's matches more generally, I believe that Krush could easily rout any of his opponents if he was of a mind to do so. His wrestling skills are that good. But I appreciate that he seems to stand down every now and then and let his opponent get an advantage, before reversing the situation and extracting a submission. I believe the best example of how Krush can defeat even well trained athletes is Underground Submission Wrestling 7, where he takes on two guys -- Flash and Alex -- who obviously have a recent background in freestyle wrestling. Flash and Alex go back and forth in their wrestling, but both are submitted repeatedly by Krush, who places them in vulnerable positions almost at will.

  4. Krush can kick anyone's ass and hand it to them for supper. Trust me, I've been there. That dude fights to win, don't let his calm demeanor fool you.


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