Dynamite T

People who don't know me well say I'm unpredictable.  They know one or two things about me--that I'm queer, that I teach, that I hold a PhD in 17th century British literature, that I'm 57 years old--and then they hear I'm crazy for pro wrestling and mixed martial arts, and they think, "WTF?"  Or they find out that I'm a gay wrestling fan, and immediately they think I like to watch boys with gym-toned bodies in thongs or less, writhing on top of each other in baby oil--and to a large extent they couldn't be more right--but they miss it when they assume that this is what I like best of all.

People who know me well say I'm predictable.  Oh so predictable.  They look at these shots of "Dynamite T" George Terzis, 5'10", 226#, wrestling buzzcut Turcan Celik, 6'2", 238#, last May in Guelph, Ontario, and immediately think, "That is sooo Joe!"  Big, dark, beefy guys grunting together in the ring, working up a sweat, pulverizing each other into an exhausted trance of near delirium.  That is exactly on the page where I'm at.  Add on the sense of a historical grudge, as the names imply--knowing nothing of these men's actual ethnicities, I make an assumption based on the surnames: Terzis (Greek) and Celik (Turkish)--and my brain throbs just at the thought of the fight's epic amplitude.

It was a controversial win for Tervis, landing Celik with a kick to the head.  But the two men had worn each other down long before that climactic thrust.  Even the prose one report uses to describe the fight breaks me out in shivering tingles:  "Celik and Terzis hammered the crap out of each other from start to finish."  My mouth is watering.  Mrs Id's photos catch the action at its high points, not the least of which are on the mat, where each man trades turns squeezing the living shit out of the other guy.


  1. Geo-politics is hot!!! ("are hot"? ... commenting on a lit. professor's blog makes me self-conscious of my miserable grammar).

  2. They are so evenly matched, despite the 12# and 4" difference in weight and height.

    They look like cousins and they are rather closely related groups according to the DNA. But as an Hellenophile, I think the right man won.

    Lots of hot Greeks in my town. One of my boyhood crushes in grade 6 was Paul Koliatis. For about 12 years of age he had a muscular maturity and handsome face. My stomach still flutter as I remember him. One of those people that I ask, "Whatever became of him?" I think his family moved out of town when we were in junior high.

  3. Too bad that Turcan didn't make it to any other of your posts.

    This is his last recorded match:
    1. 25.05.2013 Lance Malibu defeats Turcan Celik
    PWA All Out War @ Alpine Club in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

    He had 78 matches and won exactly 50% of them.


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