New Kid on the Block

Brawlnet launches this weekend (yesterday), the brainchild of somebody who calls himself Coach.  Right now there's only one video--correction: "video course"--of which I have watched only the trailer.  Called "Woods Combat," it sells for $15.

Not a whole lot of description on the web site yet, just two pictures of the fighters, some terse tweets, and the trailer, but from what I can deduce from the trailer, Brawlnet presents itself as a rougher, outdoorsier version of kink wrestling.

The key differences are an assault scenario as opposed to athletic competition and a fight-club slug-it-out focus, which may or may not lead to some grappling and may or may not lead to overtly homoerotic content.  First impressions are a likely yes to the grappling and a likely no to sex.  The fighters strip off their shirts in the trailer, and perhaps more falls off--or gets torn off--as the combat heats up.

In the trailer for "Woods Combat," an unnamed blond in combat pants assaults a dark-haired stroller in the woods, slams him up against a tree, rips off his shirt, and dares him to fight, while he peels his own shirt off in true 1950s shirts-get-in-the-way-of-a-rumble fashion.  It gets my attention, all right--the guys look fit and tough enough to really duke it out if they care to--and the premise, as best I understand it, hits the right note of menace and manliness, but I am going to wait just a bit before jumping into the fray.

To the more adventurous souls among us, please drop a line or comment to share your impressions of the initial product.  I am always happy to see promising new product to assuage (and massage) my taste for male aggressiveness.  The more interesting ventures (BG East, NHB-Battle, Naked Kombat) find their grooves and target audiences over time, through evolution, the capitalist law of natural selection, "red in tooth and claw,"  and I will be very interested to see what comes of Brawlnet.


  1. It's and off shoot of No Rules Wrestling, the blond is Joe Wegner - don't know who the brunet is. No sex as NRW doesnt do it either. I'm actually less impressed by the NRW stuff then I was back when they first began.

  2. Let's hope it fares better than that awkward Super Hero Fight thing they tried earlier and their recent milking of the same fight into an entire month.


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