Stocking Stuffer

It's two days before Christmas, and I can hear the buzz:  Everybody is asking, "Joe, what ridiculously muscled wrestling entertainer are you fixated upon now?"  Yeah, I know.  Fickle dude that I am, I'm hard to keep up with.  One minute it's Jason Hades, then all of a sudden it's down memory lane with Roman Stone and Bass Wallace, and then, wham, there's Rusty Stevens with his furry chest (the only version of Rusty I have taken a shine to ... so far).  Sometimes I even throw a WWE star in there to keep you on your toes.  It's no wonder that I've never been one for LTRs--I can't even keep up a wrestling poster for more than five days at a time.

Well, in case you're among the throngs wondering which wrestler keeps me stress-free most evenings this holiday season, it's Aaron Bolo, 24, 6'1", 225#.  Twenty-ten has been a good year for Bolo.  At West Coast Wrestling Connection, he notched up wins against the likes of ACW champion Tommy Wilson, WC-WC heavyweight champion "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce (who nevertheless retained the belt on a technicality), and Pretty Peter Avalon, and teamed up with Ryan Taylor and Mike Santiago (with whom Bolo shared a tag title in '09) for some impressive team wins.  Late last winter he even showed up on the WWE Smackdown card, facing Drew McIntyre.

From Seoul, South Korea, now of Tacoma, Washington, USA, Bolo has  got a classic Ricky Steamboat vibe to him.  He's a big big guy who moves fast.  He's upbeat and enthusiastic.  He's a high flyer with strong underpinnings of classic scientific wrestling.  I will be surprised if 2011 doesn't hold a belt or two for Bolo--and a call from ROH or WWE cannot be far behind.


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