All Stars

The new year brings new rumbles from our friends at Underground Championship Wrestling, after way too long an absence ... and big news.  There's a new wrestler in town ... beefy, tattooed Santos.

And even bigger news: the site is incorporating some new features, including its own blog and a special blog by the highly popular Axel.  

And the biggest news: James the Never Give Up Kid has snatched the All Star Championship belt away from Axel, UCW's original champion.  I haven't seen the match yet, but the spoiler is right there on the home page of UCW-Wrestling.  From the looks of things on the YouTube clip, Axel puts up a good fight--James the Never Give Up Kid is a hell of a fighter and should be a terrific new champ--even Axel praised James's potential as a champ a year ago--but is it possible that guest-ref Joker had a hand in the title change?  

Guess we'll have to download the video to know for sure.  

UCW has offices in both Wisconsin and now Maryland.  And, as always, you can send fan mail to your favorite wrestlers here--just don't forget to put the wrestler's name in the "subject" line.  The opportunity to dialogue with the wrestlers, always polite, informative, and responsive, is one of the features that make UCW unique among our favorite wrestling sites.


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