CAGE THUNDER Unmasked! (Exclusive Interview)

"Unmasked" is a figure of speech in this case.  In the spirit of kayfabe, a tradition I honor, I will not be disclosing Cage Thunder's identity in this post.  I have thought about it and come to the conclusion that, hell, if I don't respect the mask of the wrestler, who will?  He is not ashamed to reveal his identity, nor am I under any external compulsion to keep it a secret.  Anyone with decent online research skills and powers of deduction can discover it for himself anyway.  Certainly a few indirect clues are dropped in this interview ....

But in wrestling, the mask is sacrosanct.  It will come off when a man steps into the ring who owns the balls and the skill to rip it off the wearer's face.  I am not that man.  I am a fan and blogger who feels privileged to chat with the guy and find out what he thinks about wrestling as a sport ... and as an erotic obsession.  When and if he is ever unmasked, the honor will go to the wrestler who is capable of seizing that prize for himself--through force and will and strategy ... and perhaps, if he's a bad guy, a little underhandedness.

Joe:  First let me say how much I appreciate your agreeing to answer a few questions for me and the visitors to my blog.  It's been only in the last year or so that I've developed a real interest and understanding of masked wrestling, so I am a relatively new fan, but I have tried to catch up on your major battles at BG East, and I am impressed.

Cage Thunder:  Thank you for doing this.

Joe:  You're a man of varied interests and accomplishments.  How did you come to be a wrestler?

Cage Thunder:  As long as I can remember, wrestling interested me.  When I was a kid, pro wrestling was my porn.  I never wrestled in school--I was terrified I would get aroused, which is really funny in retrospect, every teenage wrestler gets aroused--but I did wrestle around with my friends.  It was an enormous shock--and thrill--to discover as an adult that I wasn't the only gay man who was into it and also found it arousing.

Joe:  Do you think there are a lot more guys--gay, bi, straight, whatever--who are still "closet" wrestling fantasists?

Cage Thunder:  I do.  With the Internet, though, all you have to do is google "gay wrestling" and an entire world will open up for you.  I do think there are a lot of guys whose interest in it, regardless of how they sexually identify, scares them a little and therefore they never follow through and actually do it.  I have wrestled married men who are otherwise not gay in the least--yet become aroused and need release after wrestling.  For a straight guy, you have to be really comfortable with your own sexuality for that to not freak you out just a little.

Joe:  I've talked to guys committed to wrestling who feel that wrestling is their porn and that ordinary porn simply doesn't do it for them.  Me, for instance, ... if I had to choose between a sweaty bearhug and a slo-mo cum shot, I would probably opt for the bearhug.  Of course, others state just the opposite, finding no correlation at all between their interest in wrestling and sexual desire.  So is there a Kinsey scale for porn guys versus wrestling guys?

Cage Thunder:  There are a lot of gay men who like to wrestle but it's not sexual for them at all.  [Laughs.]  I don't get that at all, but I respect it.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are guys for whom wrestling is simply sex-play.  So, yeah, I think there is a Kinsey scale for guys into wrestling--maybe you could develop one?  [Laughs.]  I would say I fall somewhere in the middle of that--I love the wrestling, and of course I'm not averse to getting off, but I generally respect what my opponent is into--and expect the same courtesy in return.

Joe:  What is your setup at home?  Do you have wrestling mats, a ring, or a collection of boots and other gear?

Cage Thunder:  Ah, someday.  [Laughs.]  No, I don't have room in my home for any kind of wrestling.  My dream of course would be to have my own ring--to buy one of these wonderful old New Orleans houses with a carriage house I can convert into a wrestling arena--but I seriously doubt that's ever going to happen.  But I'm a big gear whore.  Masks, boots, kneepads, trunks, singlets--you name it.  I have tons of gear in practically every conceivable color, and I love putting it on.  [Laughs.]  There's nothing like climbing into the ring in full gear.

Joe:  How did you meet Kid Leopard and become involved with BG East?

Cage Thunder:  Kid Leopard and I corresponded about seven or eight years ago--he was coming to New Orleans and was looking for matches.  I was excited and intimidated at the same time--KID LEOPARD, for God's sake--but, alas, it didn't work out.  After Katrina, I was evacuated on the North Shore and housesitting for some friends.  Bored, I decided to order some new DVDs from BG East one afternoon--I'd had to evacuate without my enormous collection.  The mail in southeast Louisiana was all fucked up at the time, and the DVDs never came, and after a few days I forgot about it.  Fast-forward a few months, and I was balancing my checkbook and doing my taxes when I realized I never got the DVDs.  I figured it was a lost cause, but I sent an email to the company.  Two days later, the DVDs arrived--bear in mind, I didn't even remember which DVDs I'd ordered, so they had to dig back through the files and FIND my actual order, and they over-nighted them to me, without question!  I was so impressed by this customer service I emailed Kid Leopard a thank you. ... We started corresponding, and one thing led to another.  I started writing up the matches for the website, and working in front of the camera--which was a dream come true for me.

Joe:  What kinds of guys do you like to wrestle?

Cage Thunder:  Honestly, I do not have a preference--as long as it's pro-style wrestling, I'm up for it.  A lot of people get the impression I'm a body fascist, but I'm really not.  I find all different types of guys attractive--from bears to muscle-boys to twinks.  As long as the other guy loves wrestling, and enjoys having fun with it--I'm down with it.  Of course, it helps if they know what they're doing.  [Laughs.]  I don't mind teaching guys what I know--I'm always looking to learn new moves, too.

Joe:  Were you always a heel, or was that something you grew into?

Cage Thunder:  When I first started learning pro wrestling--bear in mind outside of BG East I've had no formal training--I was always told, "You learn by being a jobber."  I was also a gymnast when I was younger and have a high degree of natural flexibility.  I can literally be twisted into a pretzel and the stretch feels great.  So, I was a jobber and loved it.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  Another wrestler gave me the studded leather turnks I wore in my BG East match with Drew Russell because he thought I'd "look hot in them."  Believe it or not, that used to happen a lot--other guys would give me their gear.  Some guys would actually send me gear to wear in the mail!  [Laughs.]  Well, shortly after that, I was visiting a wrestler buddy, and I ran across them when I was digging through my gear bag, and put them on.  My buddy's eyes got wide and he told me to wait--and he got some leather wristbands and a black leather mask, and told me to put them on.  He then took some pictures of me, which I forwarded to Kid Leopard, more as a joke than anything else.  You know, "Hey, look, I'm a heel!"  [Laughs.]  He saw them and booked me for their next taping!  [Laughs.]  I've always chosen not to take it personally that people think I look better masked!  And thus Cage Thunder became a heel, and there was NO turning back.

Joe:  What's fun about being a heel?

Cage Thunder:  It's incredibly hot breaking another man down, dominating him, wearing down his manhood and resistance--standing over his sweaty body as he struggles and suffers ... toying with him and knowing you can force him to surrender to you whenever you want.  It gets me hard, frankly.

Joe:  Damn, I'm hard just hearing about it.  [Laughs.]  What special tricks do you have for getting inside an opponent's head and psyching him out?

Cage Thunder:  I like to tell him, with exquisite detail, exactly how I am going to take him apart, and how much pleasure his agonized screaming will give me.  [Laughs.]

Joe:  Who among the current BGE roster would you most like to meet in the ring?

Cage Thunder:  I've always wanted to get in the ring with the Brooklyn Bodywrecker.  The Enforcer.  Big Joe Robbins.  I'd love to just destroy Braden Charron, Chase LaChance, and right now I have a huge man-crush on Denny Cartier.

Joe:  From your lips to Kid Leopard's ears ... [Laughs.]  I'm just imagining Bodywrecker attacking you from behind just as you're set to demolish Cartier.

Cage Thunder:  Denny is just beautiful.

Joe:  [Sighs.]  To your certain knowledge, who, apart from yourself, has the biggest cock at BG East?

Cage Thunder:  Kid Vicious, hands down.

Joe:  Is it important to you to have some kind of outside-the-ring rapport with the dudes you wrestle?

Cage Thunder:  It helps.  You don't want to get in the ring with someone you can't stand.

Joe:  Do you grapple with friends and lovers, too?

Cage Thunder:  I've never had a friend or lover who was into wrestling, no.  I've become friends with guys I've wrestled, though--and I've wrestled guys where I've thought, "Oh, man, where were you when I was single?"

Joe:  Which, among your various matches at BGE, is the one everybody reading this interview absolutely MUST see?

Cage Thunder:  ALL of them!  [Laughs.]  My personal favorite--well, it's a toss-up between the Drew Russell match and the Pink Puma.  I enjoyed all of them, though.

Joe:  You like any specialty forms of wrestling?  Like mud wrestling, blindfold wrestling, high-stakes or sex wrestling?

Cage Thunder:  I'm usually willing to pretty much try anything, honestly.  The one thing I haven't done that I'd really like to try is nude oil.  Blindfold wrestling sounds interesting--but I like to be able to see my opponent.  A buddy and I have been talking about doing a collared match in the ring--both of us in jocks and dog collars, leashed together by the neck.  It sounds fucking hot to me.

Joe:  A few months ago I blogged about a few wrestling angles that appeal to me.  What's your favorite setup or storyline for a pro-style event?

Cage Thunder:  I'm a whore when it comes to wrestling--I like pretty much anything.  But title matches are always always hot--as are loser-gets-unmasked.  I didn't use to like squash jobs much, but there's something exquisitely beautiful and sexy about them to me now.   Strip matches are fun, too.  I like choking my victim with his own trunks--rubbing them all over his face, stuffing them in his mouth.

Joe:  So what's the allure or mystique of the wrestling mask?

Cage Thunder:  The mystery.  For me, putting on the mask allows me to become another person.  I know that probably sounds psychotic, but it's true.  I also live in New Orleans, where costuming and masking are part of the culture.  For example, I'd never go out in public in a speedo, outside of the beach--but I've put on a mask and gone out on Mardi Gras as Cage several times.  Putting on a mask is also incredibly freeing--all the hang-ups and insecurities are gone, and I become confident.  That's the power of the mask.  [Laughs.]  One Mardi Gras I was out in full Cage gear and a friend grabbed my ass--he had no idea it was me.  There's something hot and anonymous about a guy in a mask.

Joe:  I find unmasking in wrestling to be very dramatic, and erotically charged, but I have not yet settled on why it should have the impact it does.  It seems to be a bit more than just ripping away an article of clothing, like a rip-and-striptease. 

Cage Thunder:  It's the symbolism, I think--the stripping away of a sense of anonymity.  In a way, it's almost like outing someone.  In a wrestling context, you're being revealed for who you are.  I think it's more erotic and humiliating than being stripped out of your trunks.  Taking someone's mask really turns me on--obviously.

Joe:  I never thought of it as "outing somebody," against his will.  Interesting.  So much of the symbolism of wrestling, and almost everything about wrestling rests on symbols, so much of it has to do with boundaries being set and then violated--the ropes, cages, lumberjack matches, contracts, and so on.  What elements of pro wrestling draw you in?  As a spectator, I mean.  What really gets you?

Cage Thunder:  Obviously, ripped muscle guys get my attention right away--but really it's the attitude more than anything else.  Some of the classic heels were such fucking studs--Stan Hansen, Terry and Dory Funk, Greg Valentine--seriously, there's nothing more studly than a big man with a nasty attitude in black trunks and boots, is there?  As for holds, my favorite hold to apply, be in, or watch is a head scissors, without question.  That makes my cock stand up at attention, every time.

Joe:  What mainstream pro wrestlers do you follow?

Cage Thunder:  I don't watch WWE because it's too cartoonish, frankly--although they have some really hot guys.  I have a huge crush on John Cena and Randy Orton.  We don't have a local independent promotion here, unfortunately.  There are some great ones out there, though--I think Ring of Honor is one I'd follow if I had more time.

Joe:  What classic pro wrestlers influenced you most as a wrestler?

Cage Thunder:  Kevin Von Erich, without question.  My obsession with scissorholds is totally his fault.  Stan Hansen, definitely, and Greg Valentine.

Joe:  What's more erotic, wrestling or watching other guys wrestling?

Cage Thunder:  Wrestling.  Don't get me wrong--obviously I find watching two guys going at it in the ring or on the mats or the gazebo or ... erotic, but I always prefer to do it than watch.  I love the body contact, the smell and feel of another man straining against me, sweat is also a huge turn-on for me ... two bodies entwined ... man, that's hot.  That was always my attitude towards porn, too--I'd rather do it than watch.  But when I can't get a match, or it's been a while, I pop in a DVD.  Granted, I've never seen a really hot private match unfold right in front of me--so I can't say for a fact I wouldn't get off on that.  [Laughs.]  It would be hot, come to think of it, to have two jobbers fight each other in front of me for the right to take me on.

Joe:  Sounds like my idea of the perfect birthday.  The other side of the sex-and-violence continuum of wrestling is, of course, violence.  What's your take on the role of violence in wrestling and entertainment in general?

Cage Thunder:  Well, violence has always been entertainment--gladiators used to fight to the death for the entertainment of the mob in Rome.  And look at how popular violence on film or television or video games is today.  Football is organized violence.  Boxing, MMA--again, violence.  In my opinion, I think pro wrestling is actually popular because it's the modern version of old melodramas--plays where the audience cheered the heroes and hissed the villains.  It's all in good fun, no one gets hurt, and so the viewer can safely get into it without experiencing real blood lust--it's a safe outlet for those feelings we all have that make us feel uncomfortable.  I can't, and wouldn't, punch John Boehner in the face if I had the opportunity, but I want to just kick the shit out of that motherfucker.  Pro wrestling gives the audience a safe outlet for those feelings.

Joe:  Done right, there's nothing more entertaining than a fight.  That's how I see it anyway.  But, yes, it can be nice to know that nobody seriously got hurt in it.  What's the lamest fake fight you have ever seen?

Cage Thunder:  It's a tie between ... every match Hulk Hogan ever did.  I certainly saw his appeal, and I appreciated his charisma, but he was a terrible, terrible wrestler with an incredible lack of ability--or desire to increase his skill.  His repertoire was remarkably limited, considering he probably became the most famous pro wrestler of all time.  For me, he was like a bestselling author who has no discernible talent.

Joe:  Let's say that money were no object, and you could produce and promote the match of your choice, your dream match, not necessarily involving accomplished wrestlers either.

Cage Thunder:  Damn.  It would probably be a tag match, with Ryan Reynolds and Mario Lopez as the jobbers, dressed completely in white, getting their asses handed to them by Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello, the guys from True Blood, in black.  I think that would be hot as fuck ...  Who wouldn't pay to see that?

Joe:  Where's the best place to pick up guys to wrestle?

Cage Thunder:  I've always used Globalfight.  I've met a lot of great guys on that site.  Some douchebags as well, but overall for every douchebag there's been at least four great guys, so ... there's also some chaff in the wheat.  When I'm home I have no time.  I have a full-time job ... and I have a partner.  Any free time I have when I'm home is rare and precious, and I like to spend it with my partner.  I generally only wrestle when I'm traveling.  Fortunately I travel a lot.  I used to have a buddy in Baton Rouge I'd spend one Saturday a month wrestling, but since he got transferred to Dallas ... well, I don't really get the chance locally anymore.  Not having a setup in my home doesn't help, either.

Joe:  Is gay kink wrestling a generational thing?

Cage Thunder:  No, I don't think so.

Joe:  Does it draw many of the under 30 set anymore?

Cage Thunder:  When Cage Thunder goes out on Mardi Gras, I'm always amazed at how many of the young gay boys are drawn to him.  I don't think the fascination with domination and submission will ever go away.  I think the younger generations come to it in a different, more open way than the guys in my generation did, but I think it's definitely there.

Joe:  Where do you think gay wrestling ventures like BG East will be ten years from now?

Cage Thunder:  Well, I hope they'll still be around, but nothing lasts forever.  As technology continues to march forward, things will change.  Kid Leopard's vision, intelligence, and understanding of his market has definitely set BG East apart from the others.  To me, there's no real comparison.  Kid Leopard is unique.  There will never be another like him, and so there will never be another BG East.  I would imagine at some point in the future, wrestling videos will go 3D and eventually holographic.  Imagine what it would be like to have it seem like you're right there in the ring as Alexi Adamov gets his ass kicked.  How fucking hot would that be?


  1. Excellent interview ... thanks for posting it. Great questions and insight.

  2. Awesome interview! I'm glad I stumbled on this blog. I am a definite fan of Cage and hope to go head to head with him one day. A hot man with intelligence.

    I am a masked wrestler as well. Wrestling is one of my many kinks, however wrestling masks was my earliest fetish growing up. I've been into the gear for so long of my life, and only just started wrestling guys.

    A wrestler's masks is such a huge part of his identity (if not the biggest), and I can relate even if I am not a pro. Losing a mask can make a wrestler very volatile. As Cage says its kinda like being outed.. though I am like him.. wearing a mask is not a discretion issue. Even for someone doing pro fantasy or even erotic wrestling, a mask is a very powering thing, to me anyways.

    And personally, most guys look better masked.

  3. I've really enjoyed this interview, I love Cage Thunders vids, he es one of the sexiest wrestlers for me ...thanks Joe!

  4. WOW! The photo of you standing over the defeated, sprawled out, naked, unmasked, ROCK HARD Golden Rod is HOTTTTT! I can almost hear him desperately PLEADING that you DON'T stomp his overly-aroused "man jewels". Who can blame him for being hard as a rock; just look at the masked wrestler god who's towering over him! Any gay guy in his same spot would be ROCK throbbing hHARD too! You look SO bloody HOT in those tight, blue trunks and studly wrestling boots. Go ahead and STOMP down HARD upon Golden Rod's "NADS"...jes 'cuz! After ARE the victor! Sure. He'll hurt...(BADLY!)...but he'll recover, and he'll respect you for it afterwards! ;D

  5. What a wonderfully INSIGHTFUL interview, Joe! Cage Thunder is an obviously very bright and highly educated stud, who unquestionably has lustful man-to-man wrestling coded into his "nicely put together" DNA. As his Canadian born, kindred spirit/ "brutha from anutha mutha", I have to say that he says it right and he says it well:

    "It's incredibly hot, breaking another man down, dominating him, wearing down his manhood and resistance - standing over his sweaty body as he struggles and suffers - toying with him and knowing you can force him to surrender to you whenever you want."

    Frankly...I think it makes EVERY male hard; gay, straight or bisexual. Just attend any amateur wrestling or UFC matches and check out for yourself how frequently the guys' cocks jump into "RAGING BONER MODE". Why do you think that beach wear- here in North America anyway - has become so staunchly conservative in the past couple of decades? Because guys' innermost, lustful thoughts were being too easily read by a simple glance to their skin-tight, tenting speedos. I've also noticed a recent trend towards very busy, confusingly busy, multicoloured patterns on wrestlers' "trunks" which are really nothing "less" than what had previously been referred to as simply, 'SHORT PANTS'. These busy, eye-confusing patterns also appear on some daring, BALLSY, HEELS' ankle-length tights, too! The confusing patterns displayed on the outside of wrestlers' "wrestle wear" are an effective distraction from the swelling activity that's taking place within them. I shall forever believe that HUNKY GUYS - of WHATEVER age - both in and out of the ring or on and off the mats, should only EVER wear colourful, form-flattering, skimpy, spandex speedos and that they should save those ugly, non-flattering, baggy, short pants/swim and/or wrestling trunks (?) for their Saturday morning trips to Lowe's.

    JORNTER...I TOTALLY agree with you: most men DO look better masked! But after their first raunchy, EMISSION WRESTLING bout, the CUTE/HANDSOME ones may feel free to remove them for their "SECOND CUMMING". ;D

  6. Just curious...does anybody out there in this vast cyberworld remember a WWE Friday Night, Smackdown match (maybe 10-12 years ago now), between VISCERA (I believe that it was him) and THE HEART THROBS - Antonio Thomas and Romeo Roselli? Viscera tossed each of the "THROBS" out of the ring and onto the matts surrounding it. He then proceeded to climb out of the ring himself. He stood over the two, face-down, prostrated, prominently bulging "Throbs" and then bent down to grab Roselli's body. He picked Roselli up a little, dragged him closer to Thomas's body, and then placed Roselli's limp body on top of Thomas'. He then climbed on top of the stacked studs and started DRYHUMPING the pile of hot, sweaty, 'THROB' muscle, and those two precum-stained, embarrassingly swollen baskets beneath him. Roselli and Thomas began to REALLY "sell it" and started writhing about and screaming for somebody to help them. (HELP THEM??? HELL, I wanted to get in line behind VISCERA and then dig right on into those two, sore, red, 'throbbing' pucker holes myself, once he'd finished humping away and was now ready to withdraw and to climb off the top of the pile). Watching the muscular Heart Throbs lying there trapped beneath Viscera's massive body as he ground his growing python into Roselli's hungry ass, was HOTTER THAN HOT! Two things which made this PRIME TIME televised spectacle even MORE SPECTACULAR, was that with each powerful forward thrust of Viscera' massive body down and RIGHT INTO Roselli's tight, hungry ass, Roselli's OWN swollen package was being violently rammed right up against/inside his partner's widening ass crack. To add insult to injury, both Thomas and Roselli were wearing peach/flesh colored speedos and, at a quick glance, appeared to be totally naked as they writhed about like a stack of lust-dripping, rock hard, horny bodybuilders straining to purge themselves from the uncontrollable throngs of wild, primal man-to-man passion.

    It was a great match, but alas...I've not been able to track it down anywhere. I've gone through every YouTube link (HEART THROBS, ROSELLI, VISCERA, etc.) as well as many , many Yahoo and Google wrestling groups, and...ZIPPITY DOODAAA! Does ANYONE his match on tape/dvd somewhere out there? I know that MANY guys would enjoy seeing it; especially ME!

    The audience, by and large, seemed confused and embarrassed. There was clear nervous laughter. Most didn't seem to know HOW to react to what was going on right there in front of therm. I'm sure there were many who, like myself, were totally TOTALLY "GETTING OFF" on this extraordinary gift from WWE to it's horny fans. It was the BEST gay porn that I'd EVER witnessed. Sadly, that extraordinary (LIVE!) 9 PM match was strangely edited out of the 11PM re-broadcast. I guess even WWE has certain morality standards to which they must adhere. The line for those 'standards' appears to be constantly on the move though, and one day - hopefully sooner than later - we'll all be watching big, muscular heel wrestlers 'dryhumping' their opponents as a way of confirming to the viewing audience that they'd legitimately won the match and that their opponent has now become their ass-spreading MAN-BITCH...fair and square. And I shall be the first to celebrate that day, when it finally DOES arrive!

  7. I FOUND IT! It was part of the WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW (John Cena vs. Snitsky "LUMBERJACK MATCH") on July 18th, 2005. I'd accidentally stumbled upon it just moments ago while reading a 'write up' on

    It was just over six years ago, so I guess that's maybe why I'd confused some of the details of what I'd originally seen. While the scheduled Snitsky/Cena match was going on INSIDE the ring, there was a ringside mele' going on between a group of about 20 wrestlers. BIG SHOW came walking down the ramp and he'd 'clotheslined' the Heart Throbs - one with each of his two, massive, outstretched arms. He then bent down and took hold of Roselli, stacking his body onto Thomas' - with each man lying face down. Both Roselli and Thomas wore sparkling GOLD speedos. Big Show had yanked Roselli's speedo right up inside Roselli's beautifully exposed ass crack. It looked just like a sparkly, golden thong. Next, Viscera came walking down the ramp and stood next to the ring apron over Thomas' head. He did his little hip-gyrating, pre-hump dance and then dropped down onto the top of the two THROBS and started SPANKING Roselli's exquisite pair of exposed glutes. Then he pivoted around over their bodies and repositioned himself so that his crotch lined up with Roselli's superbly sculpted 'ass crack'. Viscera then just 'went to town'; thrusting and pumping his 'Visceran' groin up against Roselli's vulnerable, puckered manhole. The two 'Throbs' writhed about beneath Viscera's man-hungry loins, but they were trapped and had no choice but to endure the emasculating humiliation of having been branded as Viscera's newest 'MAN BITCHES'. Then the camera pulled away.

    It was even BETTER to have watched it again TODAY - SIX YEARS later! Check it out for yourself! [WWE RAW John Cena vs. Snitsky (Lumberjack Match)]

  8. great interview with cagethunder hes a sexy man, and his wrestling turns me on
    ben, uk

  9. I don't know Cage Thunder - and don't think I want to. I like intelligence in a man and a wrestler, but this idiot made the statement that there are gay men who wrestle, "but it isn't sexual for them at all", WHAT THE FUCK? He is either deaf, dumb, or blind. I've been wrestling with all kinds of gay and bi men for over thirty years - in a very open way - and I've never met a man for whom it wasn't sexual.
    Please screen your interview subjects to make sure they have some credibility in terms of intelligence and gay sensibilities if they're gonna spout off on your pages. There are WAY too many people out there who talk and don't know what the fuck they're talking about.


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