It's not too often that we get to see Krush go up against a bigger dude.  It's too easy, then, to assume that Krush dominates most of his matches purely on the strength of his body mass, and we too quickly take for granted his strategy and technique, not to mention his raw power.  This is his second [correction: third--see Comments below] bout against Magnus.  The first forced Magnus to admit that his weight advantage was not enough an advantage over Krush's mat science and resolve.  Knowing he could do better, Magnus begged for a rematch and gets it.

The two men wrestle barefoot in singlets.  In the first quarter, we see that Krush is in trouble--not a sight these eyes are used to.  This time Magnus has come prepared.  There's not a whole lot of talk, just some naked punches and lots of chokes.  But if you write Krush off this early, it only means you haven't watched many matches at Krushco.  Sure, Krush can and often does come on like gangbusters the minute a match begins, but he is also apt to take a lot of punishment first and then come bounding back to deliver some payback.

Payback comes in the middle half of the video.  Krush wrings and jabs and squeezes Magnus, calling the man a bitch and begging him to try his worst.  Just daring him.  Magnus shows remarkable agility for a man his size, but Krush all but twists him into pretzels.  This part of the match plays like a repeat of the first match, with Krush punishing Magnus again and again, and humiliating him with insulting cracks, working the big man like a puppet.  Sometimes it looks like he's trying to rile the big guy, just to see what kind of fight the man packs.

But the last quarter holds a surprise.  Magnus catches his second wind and starts matching Krush's aggressiveness.  The question is whether Krush has already worn him down to the extent that he cannot turn the battle entirely around.  It's touch and go.  As both men wear out, the battle turns intense and mean, and neither competitor shows a definite advantage again until the dramatic and punishing finish.


  1. I LOVE watching these two bald dudes have at it the way they do, diggin' into each other like two men should! Krush rocks!

  2. Thanks for that great summary of the action in this new video, as well as the hot pics! I can never get enough of watching Krush's videos and I constantly jerk off when I see him wrestle or look at his pictures. This is his third match with Magnus. It seems like Magnus doesn't mind losing at all -- he just comes back to Krush for more punishment!

  3. Thanks for the correction, Shon. I must have overlooked a match.

  4. he was first in Underground 6


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