Tough Breaks

"Textbook" Dave Breaks was unknown to me until yesterday, when Aaron emailed me to recommend Breaks as "a cocky, young Brit wrestler with a beautiful collection of pro trunks."  He sounded like somebody I might be interested in.  But so far, I don't know much more than that about the skinhawked heel, except that he wrestles with New Generation Wrestling, Futureshock Wrestling, and House of Pain Wrestling--and appears to be as well known for his savage assault tactics in the ring as for his cowardly aversion to a fair fight.  So let's just say I like what I know so far.

Photos by Tony Knox, JamiePhoto, Chris Evers, and Brett Hadley.


  1. Thanks so much for making this post! This guy is fantastic; he looks like the meanest bully in the schoolyard, and his pairing of his badass attitude with classic pro trunks is just sublime to me


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