Candy So Not Taken


Last October, Marty Scurll, 5'8", 170#, thought it would be easy work to snatch the 4FW Junior Heavyweight title away from "it boy" Owen Phoenix, 5'11", 174#, fresh out of wrestling school.  He put the kid through the wringer, as you can see (here and here), but the youngster is not called "phoenix" for nothing, rising from the ashes when he caught a break and pinned the arrogant veteran quite nicely.  Word is that Scurll has not shown his face at 4 Front Wrestling since.

Then in January, a fellow teen wrestler with a lot of cheek and a bit more meat on his bones, the "Persian Prince" Behnam Ali, 6'1", 189#, challenged the champ, thinking a height and weight advantage would put the coveted title in easy grasp.  Young blood heats up quickly, and punches got thrown at the startup.  Still, Phoenix put the big guy in his place, handily, and retains his title still.  Next up for the popular "Opie" is Wild Boar, 5'6", 189#, brand new to 4FW and something of a wild card ... on March 12th.


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