Eddie Edwards, 6'0", 214#, is a fine looking man.  At a certain angle, he looks like somebody you might cast as Eddie, Ex Delivery Boy, in a production of The Rocky Horror Show.   At other angles, he looks markedly unremarkable, like a bland song leader slash youth director at a small Baptist church.  I find him immensely attractive sexually, though his body has a certain gelatinous quality that I find disquieting.  But, then, a lot of wrestlers I like have this quality--pulchritude slanted by a mild but unmistakable "ick" factor--like Michelangelo's David molded out of aspic and hard-boiled eggs.  

It is, I once heard on TV, precisely the disturbing quality that lifts the human form from mere "prettiness" to "beauty"--a distinction I have held on to since first hearing of it back in the 1970s (in the context of Barbra Streisand's unrepentant nose and its contribution to her unique elegance).  For me it's particularly a quality of men with chiseled features but whose skin looks like it might be cold to the touch--like vampire bodybuilders--Brad Pitt's sickly magnetism in Interview with the Vampire or Kellan Lutz in the Twilight series--or the wrestlers Ryan Taylor, Kurt Eriksen, Aaron Bolo, and Alexi Adamov.  And Edwards.

Looking at shots of Edwards like these--Mrs Id's just-published photos of a CCW event last May--I am drawn to his smooth, milky body--more particularly, my crotch lurches slightly forward, but then I recoil, imperceptibly, at the thought of the imagined coldness of the skin.  And it is the force of these contradictory impulses that makes me find him (and some others like him) maddeningly attractive.  The French have a word for this--and of course they would--frisson, difficult to translate, but meaning a sudden shudder no less exciting than disturbing--a thrill, we English-speakers might say.

Not everyone will respond to Edwards (or anybody else) the way I do.  Beauty being in the "ick" of the beholder.  And his opponent here, Tyler Tirva, 6'2", 211#, affects me similarly--an uncanny mix of eroticism and mild, pleasurable panic.


  1. Totally under rated wrestler, was great with Davey Richards too.


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