Lane Vasser

Reportedly, AJ Styles discovered Lane Vasser, 6'2", 200#, a year ago and recommended him to NWA, where he has wrestled since last March.  If you like em big, you're going to love Lane.  The man is impressive to look at, and that alone deserves a look and a mention in these pages.  The former high school running back is still learning the ropes--"a work in progress" one critic called him--but a lot of people are banking on this Gainesville, Georgia, man to be a star some day, perhaps in the vein of his mentor AJ.


  1. Good find, Joe. He's "Beefcakes of Wrestling" material. I hope he pursues his pro wrestling dreams and becomes a big star one day.

  2. Thanks, Bruno. I am delighted to hear Vasser "makes the cut" at Beefcakes of Wrestling and hope to see more of him (and in tinier and tinier gear) in the coming years.

  3. I'm friends with lanes little brother Chase and according to him Lane who is now at 6'2 238lbs has been invited by the WWE to participate in Wrestle Mainia.


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