Things Get Tense for a Moment

John Bonello, 227#, pins Texan Bobby Colt, 246#, in a late 1970s Big Time Wrestling broadcast.  (Trivia: Bonello was arrested in Toronto in the early 1990s for attempting to hire an undercover cop to murder his wife of sixteen years.  Part of Bonello's pitch to the police officer posing as a hit man was that, as a pro wrestler, Bonello could be convincing in "selling" his grief over his murdered wife.  Her life thus spared, the wife pleaded with the court for her husband's freedom, claiming that her life would be "very empty" without him.  Bordello was sentenced to 18 months followed by 360 hours of community service over a three-year probation.)

The videos of the match are here, here, and here.


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