Who's the Bitch Now, Loser?

It's been a while since I've talked about Naked Kombat.  Don't let my silence be mistaken for neglect.  NK ranks among my top three kink igniters for 2011 (so far)--up there with (no surprise) BG East and (kind of a surprise, after my initial tepid response a year ago) Thunder's Arena.  NK has got what, for me, is an ideal blend of combat and porn.

Like Bard, I have been mildly disappointed in porn houses' forays into kink wrestling.  For instance, while really impressive in many ways, Raging Stallion's Brutal uses fighting as a kind of foreplay for fucking, which garners the lion's share of screen time and, frankly, winds up being the same old same old you see in "swim team porn," "prison porn," and "superhero porn," with the setup being a gimmick to introduce the typical array of models, camera angles, and sexual positions.  The porn honchos seem to miss the point in wrestling--that, hey, it's the wrestling itself that guys like me slosh to.  

Not that I have anything against fucking.  But NK gets the fight:fuck ratio right--three parts wrestling (in gear, in jockstraps, and then buck naked with hard-ons) and one (long) part hot and messy fucking (with the victor in the first three rounds having his way with the loser--so that the humiliation and domination carry on to the bittersweet end).

My preference is for big boys who make a big thump when they hit the mat, but, as you may already know, I am easily swayed to diversify.  In NK's latest bout, Adonis, 6'0", 155#, has a nice deep voice that seems to rattle every bone in his slender frame.  He's surprisingly virile, but perhaps I'm partly persuaded by the fact he's served three years in the Army.  Still, he may be (his opponent's ill-advised word) "scrawny," but Adonis has a very pretty cock.

He also has an irresistible mean streak and a natural gift for NK-talk (guys, time to retire the "ride him like a pony" line, though, yeah, it still packs a wallop over at my house).  Adonis says: "My strategy today is just basically put him through the mat, tie him up, slap him on my dick, get a few extra points, and win the match."  

Given Adonis's baritone delivery and his wiry physique self-confidently poised for attack, I am already imagining Gianni Luca, 5'8", 150#, with his butt up in the air, pink asshole smacking its lips together, just begging for it.  In his first match at NK, Adonis reels in 51 points to Gianni's 19, and he totally tyrannizes the Italian bitch in the final sex round.

This is must-see kink-ee.  The sort of hard and pull-no-punches contest that leaves a raw welt on my imagination.  No doubt my fantasies for the next ten months are going to feel the sting of this one.


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