Wrestling Calendar

At the start of the month, Arizona wrestler Lance Jeffers teased his Facebook friends and fans with five images taken during a shoot for an upcoming wrestling calendar.  He doesn't appear in the photos, which feature two young unnamed mma fighters whom Jeffers has trained in the grappling arts.  The pictures are not ones that will be used in the 2012 calendar, set for release this summer.  It will feature shots of men Jeffers has personally trained, but Jeffers' image will not be in the calendar.  Jeffers has appeared in seven matches for BG East, seven for NHB-Battle, and at least three others available through WrestleMen.  He is also featured in the documentary film Stronghold: In the Grip of Wrestling (2009), directed by Victor Rook.  (If you haven't seen Stronghold, which delves frankly into the homoerotic appeal of wrestling for many athletes and fans, you owe it to yourself to see it soon.  It's a landmark film, with a focus nearly identical to this blog's.)


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