No Holds Barbra

Ever feel like those voices in your head are leading you away from the things you love?  You might learn a thing or two from this guy's video, in which he comes to terms with his love of Miss Streisand while looking incredibly cute and sweet in a wrestling singlet.  Never wanting to be one of those gay men who simply adore Barbra, he denied himself years of happiness till Mom intervened and gave the boy a shot of Yentl, with a Funny Girl chaser, at last killing that reactionary macho bug up his ass.  

I never wanted to fulfill anybody's stereotype of "gay" either--and while steering clear of Baby Jane impersonations and never owning even a single Madonna CD, I came to find out that my love of wrestling, gladiator movies, William S. Burroughs, Alexander the Great, and Tom of Finland has not exactly screamed "Butch!"  Ah, well.  I might as well fess up to my ardor for the Supremes, ABBA, Marcel Proust, plush toys, and puce, as well.

We will be free only when gay men can wrestle in the squared circle over clashing tastes in show tunes!  Then we will know we have reached the Promised Land.  Hey, asshole, let's put on Color Me Barbra, tape our fists, and see who's last man standing at the end of "Starting Here, Starting Now"!


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