Ice Pick

The best shots of "Ice Pick" Vic Capri are on Wrestling Arsenal.  They are featured in one of WA's trademark fotonovelas lovingly detailing the great wrestling matches of history move by move, in this case Capri battling peroxide blond Ace Steel in 2002.  It is one of the all-time great fights for many of us kinksters, in no small part because of Capri's physique (Christ, just look at him!) and a nifty bit of sadism he displays about midway through the bout (vanilla sadism, sure, but nevertheless ...).  The stills are sharper, but you're going to want to see those bodies in motion here, and here, and here, for the full nineteen minutes, thanks to YouTuber sportjockma.  Every sort of hell you could hope to see this beautiful body subjected to is right there for us to enjoy.

Today, YouTuber spanditto published another great Capri match, in which the man battles "devastatingly" hot heel Terry Allen in 1998 (late mullet era) for the Windy City Wrestling light heavyweight championship (when Capri was in his mid-twenties).  I had never seen this fight before, and it's a definite winner.  Allen is a delicious heel and a fine and rascally nemesis for Capri.

Commando Sports Wrestling advertises a three-disk DVD set of eighteen Vic Capri matches, lovingly preserved if not exactly (I suspect) of Criterion Collection quality, for $30.00--on my wish list, for now, just waiting for my ship to come in.


  1. "ICE PICK SUCKS DICK!" (or so I've heard) LOL

  2. I just found Vic Capri vs Ace Steel a couple months ago and wow, just wow. Capri became one of my all-time favorite guys. Wish someone could pay him just to see that meaty body get worked on over and over on a 24/7 channel like he does here. The way he gets bent over backward over Ace's knee and in a torture rack, and legs spread on the turnbuckled. The words "all-time great fight for many of us kinksters" and "Every sort of hell you could hope to see this beautiful body subjected to is right there for us to enjoy" really sums up this amazing experience entirely


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