Most Valuable Killer

In these pictures, MVK Valkabious and "Power House" Blake Warning duke it out at last Saturday's big fight in Smethwick, England, for New Scene Wrestling.  (Video here and here.)  Take two big sides of beef hanging from freezer hooks and smash them together again and again for about, say, fifteen minutes.  Add the sound of their groaning weight pounding the mat and the excited screams of the fans.  The role of heel fits Blake Warning like a glove.  He does what it takes to stir up the crowd's hatred.  But don't let the still shots fool you.  Virtue must prevail in the end.  Nice touch with Valkabious's boot clocking the back of Warning's head.  A number of near pins follow, culminating with a fireman's carry and a body slam, and MVK hooks Warning's left leg and presses the man's muscular shoulders to the canvas.  He's got him!  A satisfying climax, at the peak of a thunderous crescendo of brute force.


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