My Kind of Heel

I thought I had a narrow focus for this blog with gay wrestling until I met Bruno of Beefcakes of Wrestling, whose blog name says it all.  The guy is fixated on sinew.  Not at all a bad obsession, as obsessions go--he should just bring his camera to my summer classes this year--it's like Joe's Shakespeare Camp for Bodybuilders--I am not complaining (only wish I had thought ahead and included a unit on baby oil and Speedos on the syllabus).

Anyway, sometimes Bruno's taste for musclemen overlaps with my taste for sadists, as is the case with Josh Daniels, pictured here by photographer Scott Finkelstein (more of the same on Bruno's blog).  If I had to build a heel, I'd have to use Daniels as my blueprint.  Suavely arrogant and gleefully heartless, he has the face of a clean-cut Madison Avenue exec from the '50s and the body of a gym bunny.  I love the guy's sunny disposition as he disposes of his competition--or tries to, he lost this NJPW match to Tetsuyo Naito on May 13th.  Of course here at Skull Island  (and, I assume, on Bruno's site) winning and losing are less important than attitude and pulchritude--and Daniels looks like he buys both in bulk at Sam's Club.


  1. "The face of a clean-cut Madison Ave. exec from the 50s..." I've always said Josh could be Jon Hamm's younger brother.

    Oh, and by the way, I have a taste for sadists, too.


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