VE Day

We are at another Skull Island holy day.  Kevin Von Erich, 6'2", 235#, was born on this day.  He is now 54, and, knowingly or not, willingly or not, a key figure for us wrestling kinksters.  

Kevin and his brothers David, Kerry, Mike, and Chris were the reigning princes of their father's promotion World Class Championship Wrestling, till its dissolution in 1990 and the four younger brothers' untimely deaths in the years just before and after.  Taciturn, sexy Kevin, who wrestled barefoot in tight, skimpy trunks, was the Prince Valiant of the family, and he made my heart skip a beat with his Michelangelo physique and propensity for pressing himself up against his wicked and loose-living adversaries--those scissors! those 10-count corner mounts! that iron claw!  He was most wonderful, I think, early in his career, roughly from 1978 through his feud with the Fabulous Freebirds in the early 1980s.  Still, his very best matches played out entirely in my head.


  1. I saw a "Shoot Interview" with today's Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton, the "Fantastics" and they recall in the 80's, in Japan, a match in a full auditorium, where Kevin VE was their tag partner, and he was so high on cocaine when entering the ring he collapsed, turned blue, and they had to start CPR on him. What a cursed family.

  2. Well, if it's true that he, too, was taking the route of so many of his brothers, at least something made him detour, for he alone has survived. For that I'm grateful.



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