Summer, When It Sizzles

Yesterday BG East surprised everybody--including its Arena subscribers (usually in the know about such things)--by adding a new number to its Summer Sizzlers series, inaugurated last year--four new matches (Ripped Rookies 1, Fantasymen 33, Gear Wars 3: UK Kink, and Matmen 22) which can be bought individually or all on one disk.  Each of these matches looks like it has something great to recommend it, and together they would make a fine four-course meal on a summer's evening.  

First we have appetizers that would be a full-course meal anywhere else.  Then a meaty entree with two of the industry's most lusted-after men pitted against each other.  A decadent and sinfully sweet dessert.  Finished with a rich, smoky, and unmistakably woodsy wine, of excellent vintage.   I peeked at some of these, and I like what I saw.  In the main event, sexy veterans Cole Cassidy and Damon Clark present an intense and brutal wrestling match, as macho and punishing as you might hope for.  And it's good to see the return of Ashley Ryder in another slow, pointedly porned-up tumble on the mattress-cum-wrestling mat (read that as you like), this time up against skinhead Rob Chandler, both men committed heart and soul to the homoeroticism of fighting.  Z-Man and Kid Karisma face off--two of the sexiest wrestlers you will find anywhere.  And in a stunning opener, newcomers Austin Cooper, 5'9", 165#, and Jake Jenkins, 5'7", 155#, reportedly two guys who wrestled on the same team in high school. 

I haven't time this morning to do more than talk about the opener, but it's as good a place as any to start.

I have seen Cooper and Jenkins compete at Rock Hard Wrestling, where they recently debuted as well, but they can't be any hotter, sweatier, or dirtier than they are here on the mats in their debut at BG East.  They start in singlets, recalling their glory days in high school, reacquainting themselves with each other's body and trademark moves.  But tensions escalate when accidentally (?) a bit of blood is spilled and tempers flare.  As the battle gets hotter, the bodies get sweatier, and the men strip down their gear--and, well, the battle gets hotter still.  

It's a great fight on many levels.  Cooper and Jenkins are beautiful individually and together, locked up against each other, as you can see in these shots from BG East's Arena.  They are both capable mat wrestlers, full of fighting heart, and skilled in the art of controlling and punishing another man.  On top of that, there's great drama in this match--as emotions, passions, and egos come bumping up against each other, climaxing with a thrilling finisher that totally sold me on both these men.  

I hope to see more of Jenkins and Cooper at BG East--and elsewhere--but this match, really the whole quartet of matches in Summer Sizzlers 2, is proof (if we needed more) that not only is BG East the gold standard of homo kink wrestling, it remains at its cutting edge.


  1. I'm nursing an incredibly fast-growing infatuation with Jake Jenkins. Sweat soaked and bare-assed in a jock strap, the promo and preview pics for his debut with BGE is making my head spin!

  2. sure would like to SEE more of his arena photos,,,,please he is better than justin pierce(devinney)


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