The Winner and New World Champion

Since HDNet stopped posting matches for free on YouTube, my heart has not been in Ring of Honor.  Actually my heart started packing up its bags when Tyler Black left.  I still love the men who have been taking turns as champ since Tyler moved on to WWE and Florida Championship Wrestling--Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, and now (as of Sunday) Davey Richards--along with longtime favorites like Shelton Benjamin, Mike Bennett, Adam Cole, Kenny King, and Rhett Titus.  But I haven't been keeping up with them as I should.  From the looks of photographer Scott Finkelstein's just-posted shots, the June 26th main event in New York City was absolutely killer--brutal and emotional, climaxing as Edwards personally fastened the belt on his former tag partner, and Richards burst into tears.  According to the ROH site, both men were treated for dehydration, injuries, and migraines after the show and advised to take some time off to recover.  (As a side note, our friend Blake Arledge is booked to photograph the July 9th ROH show in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Congratulations, Blake.  He has not yet responded to my request for some shower-room shots of Strong, though.)


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