I would like to see Max Anderson, 5'11", 182#, in a ring, but he's probably not a ring performer. He doesn't look like a guy who would know what to do with a feather boa ... or a leather collar or, for that matter, a folding chair. Max is at his juicy best on the mats, where his sinewy limbs can lock on to an opponent, squeeze, and gradually, ever so gradually wear the man down--or else be worn down by a capable foe like Mikey Hanlon, 5'9", 172#.

Anderson's recent bout with Hanlon, their third, lasts almost an hour. There's no melodrama here--nothing beyond the struggle to work a man and dominate him--no heel-vs-face roleplay, no high-flying, no foreign objects--just the grunting weight of two men on (and sometimes off) a mat. Time is no object. The hoots and whistles of fans have no bearing here. There's no clowning around or mugging for the camera. Neither one of them looks like he gives a rat's ass how I or some other blogger might rate the fight. Nothing distracts from what's right there before them and the sweaty business of wrestling.

Max wears my favorite gear--his schoolbus-yellow bikini. I'm not a fan of the flowery trunks he wears in other matches--they distract from the clean lines of his body, especially (for me) the solid curve of his thighs. Mikey wears red--stop-sign red, perhaps to represent putting the bigger wrestler's swagger to a halt. Hanlon compensates for a weight disadvantage by having twice Anderson's tenacity. It's a close match, the way I like them. Hanlon brings lots of fight. Him I have no problem picturing if not in a wrestling ring then in a steel cage.

For wrestling kinksters, especially the purists, the slow grind of NHB-Battle's videos is an everlasting cum shot. Others find it tedious, I know. There's not much to see here but two strapping young men and wrestling. Names and body stats are pretty much it for frills. Nothing gets stripped off. Nobody calls for a microphone to rant. The match here--untitled, undated, and unnumbered (a challenge for a reviewer)--is a world series match--four out of seven falls, submission only. Do we the paying customers need a full hour of this? Possibly not, but it's video--we voyeurs can come and go as we please. Do the wrestlers need a full hour? It looks like these two guys just might.


  1. Hey man. Just by coincidence, I'm in the middle of a heavy-duty Max Anderson crush, and on my blog "Wrestling and the Gay Man" have issued a challenge to Max to wrestle him. Love the photos you've posted! Max is really good looking.

  2. Good luck on the challenge, John Carter. And I like your blog--just added the link to "The Competition" (at left). Max is crush-worthy, for sure.

  3. I've had a crush on Max Anderson for a LOOONG time now, but I've always wished he'd do more jobber/heel, squash-style wrestling in that gear... big fantasy of mine is to see him double-teamed, lowblowed by two heels at NHB-Battle. Maybe someday...

  4. All primed for a look at NHB-Battle and find the link is no good; and videos via Google search are private. Looks like someone jumped in to quash a budding fan stampede1

  5. Alas, no more NHB-Battle which is really such a shame--and a terrible loss for those of us who loved both the double-teaming one-sided squash matches where the pretty boy got thoroughly destroyed (my favorite, actually) but they had quality wretlers, who actually wanted to wrestle, and not yell and scream! There was one really random and unusual match, though, oh about 5 or 6 years back with Max Anderson VS Lance and Bart Gilroy, not together though--two brothers. They were really Jake and Dave Crist or better known in Indie circles as the Irish Airborne. Not sure if those are their real names either, but in the second match, Max against Bart, or Jake Crist--the beefy, blond brother...and lemme tell you --that was the closest to a squash match that I've ever seen on NHB--I think he submitted Max like 5 or 6 times, all with innovative and different and painful choke holds-Max was sputtering and coughing, at one point yelled out in pain and the opening sequence where Jake managed to muscle Max into a behind choke in a full body scissors on the mat for a good 5 minutes is worth the price of admission! Excellent match although not a pretty one at all for Max fans, but he survived, but probably thought better of a rematch--just out muscled in that one but never out classed! Where is Max these days? We'll probably never get him to BGE or Can-Am, less of a chance to NRW, although that would be so great--they did get Mikey Hanlon there (as Dave Calbrese), so perhaps there's a chance, but I think it's not his style--perhaps at Thunders Arena? Against Johnny Bravo or Big Sexy? Now there's an image--or better yet against Z-man or Cameron Matthews? Ah, now we're talkin!!!!

    1. To the anonymous poster above, do you have the Max Anderson and Bart Gilroy match at all or know where to find it online? I know NHB-Battle is no longer in business so it's impossible to find their matches anymore.


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