Carpe Diaz

In last night's ECCW main event in Port Coquitlam, Jamie Diaz, 6'1", 200#, thrilled the hometown crowd by defying the odds and beating Scotty Mac, 5'9", 201#, with a pinfall. I bet Mom was pretty proud, too. She caught some nice snaps of her boy in action.

Heels don't come better (or worse, depending on your frame of reference) or prettier than Mac. He's got all points covered--bottle blond, check--cowardly tendencies, check--interfering management, check--and a body that looks like two wrestlers braided together.

Diaz knows a thing or two about being a heel too. Four years ago he took to the ring as a slim cute babyface at age seventeen and a svelte 175 pounds.  Then he added bulk and turned heel--and in no small way. In one night he attacked his own mother and his tag partner, Todd Quality. Now he's a big menace to babyfaces, fellow heels, and next of kin. (Photos: Mary Diaz)


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