El Intocable

Mexican luchador El Intocable made headlines in the Spanish-speaking world last year when he started dating Cuban singer-dancer-actress Niurka Marcos, who is nine years older than he. Born Rene Gomez in Mexico City, Intocable, 34, 5'11", 190#, has wrestled in pro rings for fourteen years, first as Valentino, then Randy of Los Spice Boys (a boy band gimmick), then Boy Randy (a stripper gimmick)--and, more recently, acted in the telenovela Duelo de Pasiones. He is semi-retired from wrestling now.

Usually I do, but sometimes I do not care whether a dude can wrestle. For now, Intocable would be a case in point. I hesitate to study the footage of him in action on YouTube because I'm at a point where I don't want to risk shattering the fantasy that the still photos inspire. I will watch them someday, someday soon no doubt, but for now, déjame a mis sueños.


  1. Intocable is actually a very good wrestler. Like all luchadores (meaning pro wrestlers who specifically come up through the Mexican system) he's very acrobatic with a major emphasis on high flying moves. His finisher is the asai DDT, standing shirianu to those familiar with Japanese pro. The shirianu is a three-quarter backflip where the active wrestler catches the passive one with an arm around his neck and then "drives" him down so the back of his head hits the mat. The wrestler usually gets the momentum to do it by rebounding off the ropes (AJ Styles, Tajiri and Evan Bourne do it by doing a front flip handstand so that the back of their hips hit the rope, which then propels them into the backflip), but Intocable does it from standing still, which is as hard as fuck to do. Like all lucha style wrestling, there's a huge margin of error. With all the flipping and flying, most of the moves don't really connect all that well a lot of the time. But when he hits it perfectly, it's one of the more dazzling moves out there.

    Anyway, if you check his stuff, you won't be disappointed with the action. The thing is, he's as much a showman as wrestler, in the line of guys like Rick Rude, Shawn Michaels and all the way back to Gorgeous George. He's working a male stripper gimmick, but when I say it, I don't mean the pussyfied, sanitized one you see all the time in US pro, but a literal, he starts out taking his clothes off while the women (and, if you listen closely, a lot of men) scream approvingly, since he's a face. And a lot of the heels get heel heat by interrupting the show.

    I've always wondered why gay pro wrestling doesn't draw from Lucha Libre style wrestling, as far as the fanfare stuff goes, because a lot of it is directly transferable. I mean, most of Intocable shows, while not X-rated, would never work here simply because Americans freak out at the idea of men being sexy, which turns being attractive and exploiting it into a heel gimmick, which makes no sense for gay guys (as in, we don't boo when a hot guy takes his clothes off for our enjoyment). Anyway.

  2. Josh, I will check him out soon. In the meantime my imagination is full of moves and holds for him.


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