Fuck Wrestle Shoot

In response to last week's round of Fuck Wrestle Shoot, Bruno of Beefcakes of Wrestling suggested we f-w-s a family of wrestlers this week. I'm going with his first suggestion, the Rhodeses, father and sons. I can't object to Bruno's call--to fuck Cody Rhodes, wrestle Dusty Rhodes, and shoot Dustin Rhodes. It seems like a commonsense way to go. But my call is different--for argument's sake, if for no other reason.

Me, I would fuck the daddy, Dusty, because he looks like he'd be a freak in the sack. In my early twenties, those juicy lips and tiny mouth of his sent shivers through me--of horror and enchantment alike. I was drawn to his rowdy audacity more than anything else--he talked like an oversexed bible salesman and carried his 300+ pounds like he was a swaggering Adonis, fuck what people thought of his gorilla man boobs. The guy was cool as shit. I'd wrestle Cody, probably too cute, if that's possible, and, yeah, like Bruno I would  probably shoot Dustin. 

But wait a minute! What of Dustin's gaga trinity of gimmicks? Whatever his private sexuality is, in the ring Dustin has the soul of a drag queen! Hm--what would you say to fucking Goldust, wrestling Black Reign, and shooting Seven?


  1. Now you've gone and started a whole new F-W-S game, i.e. a wrestler who's had 3 ring personas. Say, Triple H (wrestle) who started out as Jean-Paul Levesque (fuck) before he became Hunter Hearst Helmsley (shoot).

  2. Definitely fuck Cody, wrestle Dustin and shoot Dusty.


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