J&C v J&C

Truth be told, Austin Cooper and Jake Jenkins could sell me one or two more matches, individually or teamed together, even if they sucked at wrestling, but, the thing is, they don't suck, not unless by "suck" you mean "are freaking awesome." And on the weight of their latest release and their other team match for Rock Hard Wrestling, they stand to become, very soon, it looks like, the most formidable tag-team heels in underground wrestling. If I am a feather's weight less enthusiastic about this newly purchased match than I was about their fight against Trent Novak and Cliff Johnson a while back, I credit the difference to Novak's backing Johnson up with more muscle than newcomer Nick Collins can muster ... yet. Collins is somebody to keep an eye on, definitely, but he and Johnson are just too outclassed by Cooper and Jenkins for me to feel perfectly satisfied with this contest. Jenkins' and Cooper's work with Rock Hard Wrestling and BG East has helped them achieve a high level of polish in a short time frame. In fact, checking the stats just now, I am surprised to find out that they actually are smaller than the guys whose butts they kicked, because the impression I got from watching the match was the opposite. The vast majority of my fellow gay wrestling fans, the ones I hear from, vehemently disagree with me on the subject of the squash job's allure--and they will probably enjoy watching two mean-tempered muscle gods beat the living shit out of two wet-behind-the-ears victims even more than I did--and, yes, I enjoyed it quite a bit. (Add to my lukewarmness towards squash jobs the handicap of having only recently warmed up to the idea of tag-team competition--being for decades a die-hard advocate of epic individualism and two-walk-in-one-walks-out histrionics--and you can see where I might lack ideal credentials to comment on this type of entertainment at all.) But this match counts as one of the better purchases I've made in the last couple of months. Nevertheless, I'm now saving up for (I hope I hope I hope) a future Rock Hard release pitting the Jenkins-Cooper team against, let's say, the Nelson brothers (Cody and Troy) and/or Lucas Payne and Max Powers.


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