The Love with a Combined Weight of 574 Pounds

On a radio talk show yesterday, Linda Hogan, Hulk's ex, hinted that the Hulkster had a gay affair with his Mega-Maniacs partner Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. I've seen nothing indicating why Ms. Hogan, who's stumping for her book Wrestling the Hulk, might be inclined to have or offer such an opinion. It's all wink-wink insinuation, as far as I can tell. I have not heard whether either Hulk or Brutus has responded to the remark, but Hogan has previously denied the book's central contention that he was physically abusive of his wife, whom he has called "delusional." Not being a fan of either wrestler, I have minimal interest in the story--except that a movie about a love affair between two prominent pro wrestlers would be one I'd probably like to see, whether it's documentary or fictional narrative.


  1. Not a fan of either. And this was around the time that despite the best efforts of the southern wrestling promotions, Vince McMahon was ruining pro-wrestling with cartoon acts.


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