I am not surprised--nor should you be--that my favorite parts of July 28th's battle (here and here) of KENTA, 5'8", 180#, and Yoshinobu Kanemaru, 5'8", 187#, against Zack Sabre Jr., 5'10", 180#, and Taishi Takizawa, 6'3", 216#, are when KENTA and Zack face off. KENTA's adrenaline-spiking slaps provide a nice counterpoint to Sabre's side swoop kicks to the calves. The bad guys double-team, pull hair, and, in short, do almost everything right.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but Zack's look has changed over the last year. Maybe it's just the haircut (somewhat de-emo'd, less pouty, but still cute as a manga kangaroo), but it appears that the handsome Brit has lost ten pounds or else worked some loose baby fat into hard muscle. His face looks gaunt, less boyish--and he's adopting a cockier attitude--works for me, all of it. 

What has most sustained my interest in the 24-year-old wrestler, though, is his mind. No, really, I mean that. Any pro wrestler who tweets stuff like "Japan is essentially like living in the future, except that there's a worrying amount of Mizuno sportswear being fashioned by the folks here" and "David Lynch releasing a solo record is really bloody good news" possesses just enough wit, refined taste, and imaginative curiosity as to preclude his ever getting a WWE contract.


  1. I come late to Mr. Sabre, thanks to my (pace, Mr. Marohl) general aversion for the roped ring and the goons who play in it, but I was (like you) guided by to his work by a knowledgeable colleague. Ryan v Sabre (in Germany) stunned me by presenting almost-pure freestyle and folkstyle moves from two trained exponents in a delightful show of chain wrestling. Just enough mugging and a touch of MMA (almost shamefacedly acted out by our pair) to satisfy the punters. However, who, being German and exposed to far more freestyle and greco clubs and tournaments than a country that size deserves, give back appreciation in waves. All helped along by their sportsmanship and the mutual respect these two appear to share. Sterling stuff and very British. Now back to the razorblades and facepaint...


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