I like to think of Krushco's Lucien as Loki to Krush's Thor. Krush's brawn and hammering pelvis have had to come to grips with Lucien's slippery cunning on many an occasion, but the matches on the company's latest release, Underground Wrestling 72, are the most riveting I have seen. There's no denying Lucien's sinewy sex appeal--and his sharp but suave facial features and blazing red hair match my idea of what a Norse god who gave birth to wolves, serpents, and hellfire might look like in human form. It's also clear that, as an adversary, Lucien is a full two hands' full, even for a grappler as big, powerful, and adroit as Krush.

Every wrestler of note excels in at least one thing, the good wrestler, in two or three, and the great wrestler, in even more. Lucien's devilish good looks are a plus, naturally--as I remember, it was his sly, gaunt face that first drew me to the esoteric pleasures of Krushco. But his resilience and persistence knock me right out. He takes a licking and springs back up for more, every single time, with barely a breather in between falls--and he more than holds his own against Krush and the other competitors he's faced over the years, routinely twisting agonized submissions out of guys much bigger than he. His agility and the ferocity of his offense are well known and widely admired. And when he's on the receiving end, as he is repeatedly in UW-72, he sweats buckets, and, as these screen caps attest, nobody asphyxiates better.


  1. I have to admit that for me the main thing about Lucien is his good looks and his amazing ripped physique. I love the fact that he learned how to wrestle from Krush and that he uses many of the same submission techniques Krush uses on his opponents. But just looking at Lucien's physique is enough to make me cum.


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