Better Together

Among the good things that 2011 has brought so far are wrestlers Austin Cooper and Jake Jenkins, who made seismic impressions at Rock Hard Wrestling and BG East. Though I am more a fan of singles matches, I must say these two have more impressed me as a tag team. Separate they are powerful, agile, and skilled athletes, and targets for thrashing. Together they are heels, double-teaming, cutting corners, and aiming low. Call it "chemistry" or a "folie a deux," something makes each man twice as interesting to me in the corner of the other than in the corner by himself.

Austin Cooper glaring down at Cliff Johnson, with Trent Novak and Jake Jenkins looking on
Novak going after Jenkins, with Johnson and Cooper looking on

Jenkins on Novak

Jenkins on Novak, with Johnson itching to rush in

Cooper on Johnson, while Novak helplessly looks on

Cooper ties Johnson in knots


  1. Thanks very much for the suggestion and recommendation of these wrestlers. The photographs you have posted are impressive and I shall explore to see more.


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