Before a crowd of 400, Nick Price took down popular champ Alex Plexis to claim the ECCW/NWA Junior Heavyweight title at Halloween Hell 2011. It was all rock-em sock-em mayhem to the final pin fall, with illegal assists from Scotty Mac on the ring apron. Not one to overlook the phallic symbolism of the champion's belt, the victor raunchily wagged it from his crotch, to the dismay of the more respectable fans.

It was a thoroughly warped and hellbent evening of tricks and treats, launched by a Costume Battle Royal (won by Michael Sweetser in CM Punk drag). Popular favorite KC Spinelli beat Nicole Matthews to win the ECCW Women's Championship. Later, Moondog Manson snatched the ECCW Hardcore belt, fending off eight competitors in a free-for-all, fans-bring-the-weapons brawl (one weapon being a sex toy that Ray Brooks made malevolent use of at ringside).

One title that did not change hands this weekend was the ECCW Tag Team Championship, as the Bollywood Lions bumped off challengers G.O.D. (Greatness on Demand), Harv Sihra pinning Disco Fury, as brother Gurv Sihra lent a surreptitious hand. Bishop brained Sid Sylum with a steel chair, then pinned the guy, in a grueling dog-collar fight. In a match that could be won only by escaping the locked confines of a steel cage, J-Sin Sullivan had Scotty Mac flat down on the canvas until Nick Price interfered, leaping from the top of the pen and smashing Sullivan square in the face, and gave Mac a window of opportunity to climb to freedom and a controversial win. In the climactic six-man elimination match, also in the cage, Artemis Spencer and Tony Baroni were the last men standing, and after strenuous struggle Baroni walked away the victor.

By all accounts, it was a night for the record books.

(Photos credit: ARCHIE)


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