Once Upon a Time ... June 19, 2009

A great little story here. Top Rope Promotions pits noble and good Jason Blade and Matt Taven against meanies Mike Bennett and BK Jordan (where's Jordan now? I loved that asshole, man). At match time, Blade is nowhere to be found, leaving Taven in the ring alone to face Bennett and Jordan. The bad guys try to talk Taven into forfeiting the match because, they say, Blade got stuck in traffic on the way to the venue. Taven decides to go it alone against the two, but after Bennett and Jordan take turns beating the shit out of him, he's joined by a heroic Jimmy Preston, still sweaty from wrestling earlier in the evening. Bennett and Jordan turn their wrath on the valiant do-gooder, knocking out the ref and smashing Preston with a metal chair. As Preston's limp body is carried away, the gloating baddies turn their beady eyes back to a physically exhausted Taven, when, suddenly, out of nowhere, Blade comes bounding in to wipe up the mat with Bennett's and Jordan's butts, ultimately gaining the pinfall for himself and Taven. (Photos: Mike Kalasnik)


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