Pocket Rockets

Jimmy Nutts and JT Williams, the team Pocket Rockets at Pennsylvania's Renegade Wrestling Alliance. "Pocket rockets" is slang for handguns, fast cars, and penises, and thus quintessentially American male. Of the three, only one group really interests me, but I can appreciate the symbolic appeal of the other two.  Still, in my world nothing says machismo like penises--accept no substitutes. Probably best not to try and read too much in the tag team's name, I guess. But can you tell what first caught my attention? Yeah, you got it, the eyeglasses on Jimmy Nutts. A bodybuilder or wrestler in glasses is sweet and good. It's a bit of a stretch to call specs phallic symbols or macho, but they have a certain muting effect on a brawny physique, mitigating the stereotype of Dumb Jock, just as big gunz mitigate the stereotype of Nerd.


  1. I also love Jimmy's glasses, and I love JT's hair. And I think they stole London and Kendrick's old gear.


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