Coming to a Head

As I see it now, "a rivalry" is to pro wrestling as "going steady" is to high school. The rivalry between "The Boss" Derek Sanders, 5'11", 209#, in pink trunks and mega-butch-boy Dylan Drake, 6'2", 223#, came to a head in the summer of 2010 at All Pro Wrestling. It's a bout that reminds me of what I love about pro wrestling--not that I often need reminding, obviously. But the cogent points here are, let's see, a champ who flees the ring and has to be bodily tossed back in to finish the fight, a very big man in very tiny trunks, specifically pink trunks with "The Boss" emblazoned on the seat, hair pulling (of course), a corner mount (naturally), a suspenseful two count (you're getting ahead of me now), and a couple of fighters who know how to work a bear hug for all that it's worth. I've written about this match before (fresh new screen caps, though), but it's something well worth coming back to once in a while. (Watch the whole match here and here.)


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