Worked Up

Seth Rollins, 6'1", 205#, gets worked. Then he gets worked up. Rollins rises from adversity to beat Jinder Mahal, 6'4", 229#, in this Florida Championship Wrestling match from last Sunday (here on YouTube). Still my favorite moment of the match is Rollins standing on the corner middle ropes and peeling off his shirt. Shallow of me, I know. 

FCW is beefing Rollins up to get him WWE-ready. I don't see signs of improvement. At this point I'm thankful there are still signs of the wrestler Rollins used to be and still can be. It's interesting that on the fan-uploaded YouTube video of this bout, we still get a parenthesized "Tyler Black," now over a year after the name change. Rollins' fans are first and foremost Black fans. 

I want the guy to get the big WWE bucks as much as he does--but right now I'm a little concerned that five years from now I'll mainly want to watch his old Ring of Honor and Cyberfights stuff. I'm glad much of the old stuff was shot well and still exists. 

Mahal is a great adversary for Rollins. Rollins needs good men to fight. He was a god against men like Marek Brave, Jimmy Jacobs, Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, and Eddie Edwards. He's not at his best clowning around on promos. The man was built to feud ... in the ring.

I hate demonizing WWE, and I don't like being a hater of any form of wrestling or any wrestler. Honestly, I just do not care for the product. Even if I still had a TV cable connection, I would not follow the WWE shows. I didn't before. I would watch FCW, however, mainly because of Rollins, secondarily out of nostalgia for the old Gordon Solie years at the beginning of my fandom. 

If WWE were to use Rollins well, I'd be willing to follow their programs, on DVD and YouTube, if not via cable. And they seriously ought to consider re-branding him "Tyler Black," a recognized and highly respected name ..."Tyler Black Classic," if they want to take a cue from '80s Coca-Cola.


  1. I’m confused! I thought he was using the Tyler Reks persona now and this was the previous one... I kind of preferred the “Reks”-wildman look to this typical shaved and coiffed version... anybody else?

    1. Tyler Reks and Tyler Black are two different men. Reks is the ring name of Gabriel Tuft, and Rollins/Black is Colby Lopez. I like them both. Rollins' current "Rowdy Jesus" look is about as "wildman" as I have ever seen him.

  2. I loved Black during his Cyberfights days.


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