Bitchmaking Made Easy

Rock Hard Wrestling's latest release promises the sweet delights of comeuppance, featuring two hugely popular wrestlers: "The Centerfold Model" Zack Johnathan and "The Street Punk" Ethan Andrews. In Revenge, they meet for a much anticipated (and unprecedented) third contest in the RHW ring. 

A month ago, Ethan confided that he has "a special bone to pick with Zack 'All-American Douche Bag' Johnathan for that two-on-one attack." He was referring to Zack's double-teaming him with Tyler Reeves, a retaliation for Ethan's having previously creamed the two of them in singles competition. 

Zack and Tyler, two dreamboats with big chips on their brawny shoulders and often not a whole lot to wear around their loins, jumped and thrashed Ethan in an unscheduled (but by chance videoed) confrontation, included in Catalog 4. Ethan has been itching to get his hands on Zack ever since.

"This is like Christmas," the dashing male model exudes, rolling his shoulders back and thrusting out his sculpted chest self-confidently; "I get to beat you up again." Ethan reminds Zack that Zack has never beat him on his own, and the only other time the two men faced each other man to man was when Ethan handed Zack his gym-toned ass. Ethan makes it clear that he relishes this opportunity to hand that prize ass back to his slick opponent one more time.

Ethan knows how to take down bigger guys, who typically underestimate the slender wrestler's fighting power. He grabs a quick lead on the "Model," locking the man's expensive haircut under his arm and slamming that million-dollar kisser to the mat. A series of boots to the abs nearly rolls Zack out of the ring.

But Zack is no slouch in the fighting department, and, as he has proved before on countless occasions, he is not at all shy about fighting dirty or doing whatever it takes to dominate an opponent. At one point, he comes close to bringing the whole show to an abrupt stop when he applies a rear naked choke hold on Ethan. Ethan escapes, however, and squeezes a heartfelt submission out of Zack at the end of the round.

Zack recoups and comes back at Ethan with everything he's got, including every semi-illegal and reckless shortcut in the book. But Zack's viciousness is just the motivation Ethan has been waiting for, taking it as a warrant to beat the pretty muscleboy as savagely as he likes and end this highly satisfying (and stress-relieving) brawl in the second round. 

Nothing feels so satisfying as to cash some slimeball's check right after he's gone and crossed over a line he shouldn't have. Ethan gives Zack the pounding of a lifetime, sparing no part of the man. At one point he spread-eagles his man in the corner and, taking a running start, slams the heels of his black boots against Zack's groin, snarling, "Gotta keep the douche bag population of the world under control."

Last month, Ethan promised us fans he'd make Zack his bitch in their third go-round, and that he does. And Zack, a wrestler I'm becoming more fond of with each passing day, is, no doubt, the prettiest bitch in the biz.

(Thanks to Rock Hard Wrestling for sending me the photos above, not included among the ones published on the site, and granting permission to use the previously published photos below.)


  1. "Prettiest bitch in the biz," indeed! :)

    1. So true! Nothing like a hot jobber... and they don't come any hotter than Zack!


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