Eli Gets a Full Dose of UCW


Right now Eli Black is everywhere there's a mat and a videocamera. Rock Hard Wrestling just announced a new release in which he apparently gets a rich and flavorful nut-busting from handsome Austin Cooper. And a soon-to-be-released BG East match pitting him against Cooper's frequent partner Jake Jenkins is nothing short of phenomenal (trust me on this).

Now, as he has been promising us for the past two or three weeks, Eli has added a notch for UCW-Wrestling on his belt. He does not disappoint, and XanJey, his first opponent at the new hangout, gives him the deluxe UCW treatment, replete with the requisite ball grabbing, nipple twisting, and gut punching we have come to expect of the company, and, oh yes, choking too, slow and sweet, chest to chest and belly to belly. 

XanJey has thirty or forty pounds on Eli, so clearly BodySlam, the company's bossman, could not be bothered to break the new guy in gently. XanJey does not recognize Eli--or pretends not to--which could be a huge mistake for X. Eli is no rookie. The man is ruling underground wrestling this month, and with a background in MMA and a fearless and pugnacious attitude, he is not somebody you ever want to underestimate. With Eli it's not all just pretty abs (set like gemstones across his slim midsection). Slight of frame he may be, but the man is a brute. And a nasty one at that.

As I might have guessed, Eli Black is in his element at UCW, which specializes in blue-collar roughhouse that knows no limits. At UCW it's all brawl and no show. That is, we get low blows and sweaty clenches, without a lot of dialogue or character development. That's just fine with me ... and it works for Eli, too, whose rough edges and killer instinct are what make him so fucking hot. And we get a good show for the money, chubby bulge and long hard look at his fish-belly white ass included.

Eli's greatness lies in embodying the loudmouth troublemaker wrestling fans like to see flattened. Like UCW, Eli is raw, yet he brings a good deal of polish to his new venue, notably in the area of performance. Eli knows the moves, and he sells the holds like nobody UCW has ever seen before. I, for one, can't wait to see the fireworks when he's put up against Joey, and Axel, and Aron, and Joker. It won't be pretty, but it's gonna scorch.

Images edited on request (17 Feb. 2014)


  1. With this release and the RHW match, April is definitely shaping up to be Eli Black month! And yet you say BG has another Eli match up it's sleeve this month as well? I hope that comes out tomorrow!

    I was bit afraid all this might lead to over exposure, but credit has to be given to this kid. He knows how to put on a show and give us what we want. I can check off almost every item on my wish list of holds and moves that I wanted to see him get trapped in with his match with Austin Cooper! And in this UCW match it's nice to see something a bit more raw and not as manicured in terms of production. Though I thought the inclusion of the little blooper near the end was a bit odd (there goes suspension of disbelief).

    But I wonder how far is he willing to take his homoerotic career? To quote him "I'll wrestle naked, just like they did it in the beginning of wrestling in the Greek times" ...I'll definitely pay to see that. So bring it on Mr. Black.


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