Everything Else in Life Seems Easy

Fashion photographer and documentary filmmaker Bruce Weber has incorporated wrestling (in all its homoerotic glory) in his work for years now ... from Chop Suey (2001), in which he lyrically chronicles the wholesome sex appeal of wrestler/model Peter Johnson, to his work for the Abercrombie + Fitch catalogs. He has now posted to YouTube some short films dedicated to the art we love: "Live Eat and Sleep Wrestling," "Other Sports Require One Ball Wrestling Requires Two," "Everything Else in Life Seems Easy" and "Basketball Is What Boys Do During Men's Wrestling Season." These are, of course, fantasies of wrestling, more specifically sublimated sex fantasies, with a gloss of "American naivete," in which Weber taps into our collective unconscious, through quickly edited images that include one of my favorites, underwater wrestling.


  1. Wow! Love these shorts! Weber's work is always brilliant. Thanks for bringing these to our attention.

  2. Speaking of homoerotic wresting in fashion, there was a high fashion editorial in Vogue Hommes Japan last year. Not sure if you have blogged about it but the pics are quite lovely:

    Cover: http://www.yvymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/VHJ06_teaser_A_0301.jpg

    Editorials: http://brazilmalemodels.blogspot.ca/2011/04/vogue-hommes-japan-06-springsummer-2011.html

  3. Here is another high fashion homage to homoerotic wrestling (with some random female models thrown into the mix):


    Apollo Rising

    Laura Egan‘s evocative dreamscape, Apollo Rising is filled with the kind of imagery that pushes boundaries. Inspired by Jack Dempsey, the gentleman fighter of the Prohibition era, the film explores the dual nature within us all. Darkness and light, good vs. evil, the full scope of epic drama shot in a dreamy style that shifts between gritty reality and ethereal fantasy. Experience it for yourself – only in MDX.


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