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Eli Black, you ever heard of this guy? How about Jake Jenkins? In Mat Rookies 1, BG East sets these two men on each other for the second time in a year (the first time was a memorable ring match at Rock Hard Wrestling). If you know anything about all this, you probably already know it's time to send your money to BGE and get your hands on this fight. It's a monster, and you'll want to see it, several times, I would be willing to bet.

Back in January I asked Eli whether there was anybody he would want to fight ... or fight again. He responded, "Do you need to ask? Jake Jenkins! That pussy got lucky once. That shit's not happening again." If anybody's lucky this time, it's Eli's (and Jake's) fans. This is the good stuff, and Eli and Jake prove that the talk (and there's been a lot of it in these pages, admittedly) is not just hype. These guys know their stuff, they look great, and they want to rip each other to shreds.

Eli and Jake are good against anybody. If you have seen them in action, you know what I mean. They have a way of making their matches worth watching. This is never more true than when they fight each other. This battle starts off quiet, as the two men try out a few freestyle holds on each other, but the tensions escalate as Jake starts scoring points and Eli lets it get under his skin. The tension was already there, and it takes practically nothing to raise it to the surface. In no time, Eli snaps: "Screw this freestyle shit!" And the two men go all fight club on us.

The point that makes this particular fight news, though, is when Jake strips down to his jockstrap, daring Eli to follow suit. You don't have to ask Eli twice. No way is he going to be one-upped by anybody, especially not Jake. And the more these two guys strip away, the rawer the aggression. Jake and Eli both like a fight, and they like it real. This is a bout for the record books. Two of the hottest savages on the scene today, getting business done. I doubt these two have seen the last of each other. But I won't waste any more time talking about it. Time for me to slip my disk back in the player.

Images edited on request (17 Feb. 2014)


  1. This looks hot! Kinda wish there was a VOD available on BGE (for the instant gratification of having access to it now). But I guess I'll have to wait for now.

  2. I just received the DVD myself, and that match is by far my favorite. Eli and Jake have some serious chemistry together; though that may just be my inner fanboy hoping there is more there than there is. Would love to see these guys go at it again, only in a match more like the one between Christian Taylor and Skip Vance in Sexy Showdown 6. Though, any match with these to as the stars is going to be an instant hit.

  3. Thanks BGE for releasing a VOD of this match in the BGE Arena! First of all, Eli definitely looks the best in this match by far out of all his appearances. He's gained a lot of muscle since his debut on RHW and looks like he has 0% body fat. Those 8 pack abs are seriously shredded. Then to see his glistening body stretched in a surfboard... sublime.

    There's so many great things that happened in this match it is definitely worth multiple rewatchings as you suggested Joe. In most other matches you might see one or two interesting holds and the rest is just sloppy filler and pose downs. But with this match the action was continuous and exciting. And then towards the end there were so many great little twists, I wasn't sure who would end up with the upper hand but was so satisfied with how it finally ended. Great job Eli, Jake and BGE!


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