I Get Weak in the Knees

Maybe it's because I'm a child of the Cold War that for the last year I've been wanting to hear Ivan Gromov utter the words "I will break you." Usually I'm the worst at coming up with ideas for fantasy matches, but I think this one could be a winner. I would redo Rocky IV, casting Ivan as Drago, growling his murderous threat to moonfaced all-American Steven Walters. It would be a close, sweaty match. The two stand within an inch of each other in height, carry within thirteen pounds in weight. These brawny men are built to withstand earthquakes and tornadoes. Gromov is the bigger of the two, but I bet Walters could put up a good fight. Each looks like he was born behind a plough and weaned on bear's milk. A battle between the two ex-superpowers to settle old scores could be a hell of a show.


  1. I love your idea. Would you mind quitting your job and getting a new role as a booker for an independent federation? ;)


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