Shake Shake Shake

Charles Parrish posted the photos below of the Baronis brothers, Brent (pink ribbon, 5'6", 161#) and Brandon (green ribbon, 5'7", 168#), taken at the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping last Wednesday. First I heard of these guys, and frankly I know next to nothing about them. I have not yet even watched them in action on video, but on the basis of these photos, count me in as a fan.

It's been too too long since afros this big filled the squared circle. At first I thought I was looking at Louis Lyndon, and then I thought I must be seeing double. 

According to,  the nineteen-year-old Knoxville natives entered the ring with white sequined gloves on their right hands and day-glo blue pick combs around their necks for a dark match between Brent and Brandon Espinosa. 

Espinosa made short work of Brent, but I'm hoping fabulous gender-blender Paredyse will take these tykes under his wing and reinvent seventies blaxploitation/disco/funk/kung-fu/everybody's-a-star wonderfulness for the twenty-first century.

And, hey, they've got a website ... with bouncy dance music too! I'm sold!


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