Vive Tristan

I am an American of German descent, but my soul, I think, is French. I would like to belong to the race of Montaigne, Voltaire, Proust, Genet, and Deneuve. But I am tall, broad shouldered, thick lipped, slow tongued, with an unrefined nose and unexpressive gray eyes. I could never be mistaken for a Parisian. But in my dreams I am able to pull off a beret and black cashmere walking coat.

My love of the French is one small part of my liking of N'Catch champion Tristan Archer, 5'11", 205#. More obvious reasons would be his stout thighs, intense close-set eyes, thuggish nose, and high cheekbones. On Saturday in Tourcoing he successfully defended his championship belt against Dutch wrestler Tommy End, 6', 208#, despite Tommy's elimination of the ref at one point and interference by Tommy's partner Michael Dante (they comprise the Sumerian Death Squad). Later in the evening Tristan interfered in a match to save a former rival, Belgian Neo Sheron, who was taking a beating from Dante. Let's see a Neo/Tristan alliance to kick a little Sumerian ass, n'est-ce pas?

(Photos by xvincex)


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