In Vancouver this past weekend, ECCW celebrated its 16th year in the ring with a Sweets 16 wrestling party that lasted two nights, with cupcakes and noisemakers and wrestling! The second night was more eventful than the first, with J-Sin Sullivan hurling an opponent off the balcony and then attacking Mary Diaz, co-owner and matriarch of the promotion, an attack which led to Sullivan's immediate firing. Fortunately, Mary recovered to the extent that she could post these great pictures of Jordie Taylor, who I think is hot in a roughneck heel sort of way (and I wonder whether I can even imagine another way of somebody's being "hot"). Jordie won his match on Friday against Ray Brooks, but I hear the fans were screaming for Ray.


  1. Joe, I agree that "hot, in a roughneck heel sort of way" may be redundant. Jordie's got it. In other scenarios I find smooth and thin hot as well. Maybe it's all about context, I dunno. But Jordie's got it. Which is redundant. Which is fine.

  2. Ray's nothing to shout about, especially when you have Jordie to yell about.

  3. Ray's nothing to shout about when you've got Jordie to rouse your inner berserker!


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